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My first bi-lingual obs (m)


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OBS IN FRENCH ! (scroll down for English translation)

Une fois je suis allée à l'Ecosse avec mon ami R. pour séjourner avec ses parents pour le week-end. Il jusque s'améliorer d'un rhume, et il me donne quelques éternuements très adorables - mon favori c'était la dernière nuit.

Nous étions au lit, s'embrassons. Il se couche à son dos, et moi je me couche demi-sur lui. Soudainement, il dit, 'Je vais éternuer!' Je ne bouge pas! Le premier est grande, même quiil se couche sur le dos - 'HAAAARAASHHHUUUUU !' Il est dirigé un peu à son droit, et éternue dans sa main droite, mais pas loin de moi du tout. Normalement je lui dis immédiatement 'à tes souhaits' - mais cette fois je suis beaucoup trop bouleversée et heureuse. Mon coeur se batte fort !

Le second éternuement est un exceptionnel pour lui. Il ne semble pas pouvoir se tourne et il éternue directement vers moi, encore dans sa main droite. Ce commence bien, mais puis ce fini un peu contrainte, comme s'il soudainement réalisé qu'il presque éternuait sûr moi :) - enfin, ça sonne comme ça - 'HAAAARUSHH..cchh'

Encore je ne peux pas dit un mot! Le plus que je peux faire cette un petit murmure, 'ohhhhh.'

Peut être encourager de mon murmure, il laisse la finale et le plus grand éternuement de sortir avec de toute puissance- 'HAAAAHTIIISHOOOO!' - Encore un peu á la droit, dans sa main.

'Á tes souhaites, chérie!' Je dis finalement

'Excuse-moi! Je demande-te pardon - je ne sais pas d'où ça viens!' Dit-il, un peu inquiété.

Je me tire plus proche sur lui, pour enfuir mon tête dans son cou, et je lui dis d'un ton très amoureux, 'Tu as encore ton rhume, mon amour ?'

'Je suppose qu'oui,' il replie, 'ça doit être son dernier éternuement.'

Et je me fonds en amour...


Once I went to Scotland with my friend R. to stay with his parents for the weekend. He was just getting over a cold, and he gave me some very adorable sneezes - my favourite was on the last night.

We were in bed, cuddling. He was lying on his back, and I was half on top of him. Suddenly, he said, `I'm going to sneeze!' I didn't budge! The first one was a big one, even though he was lying on his back- `HAAAARAASHHHUUUUU!' It was aimed a little to his right, and sneezed into his right hand, but not far from me at all. Normally I bless him immediately - but this time I was far too happy to speak.

The second sneeze was unusual for him. He didn't seem to be able to turn away and sneezed directly towards me, again into his right hand. The sneeze started well, but then it finished off a little restrained, as if he suddenly realised that he almost sneezed on me :) it sounded a bit like this - 'HAAAARUSHH. .cchh'

Still I couldn't say a word! The most I could manage was a small murmur, `ohhhhh.'

Perhaps encouraged by my murmur, he let out the final and the biggest sneeze with full force -`HAAAAHTIIISHOOOO!' - Again a little to his right, into his right hand.

`BLESS you!' I finally managed.

`Excuse me! Sorry about that - I don't know where that came from!' He said, a little bashfully.

I pulled myself further onto him, to bury my head in his neck, and said lovingly, `Still got your cold, honey?'

`I guess so,' he replied, `that must be the last sneeze of it.'

And I just melted with love...



P.S. Any help or tips on my French, and especially French sneeze-related vocab, are always very welcome !

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Wonderful! I very much enjoyed both versions! I had thought that it may be an observation of sneezing in France (R sneezing from French pollens?) but a Scottish obs is just as good.

And you are right - we had a discussion about this some time ago. We get so used to talking about sneezing in English that it sounds strange in our own language. I was lucky in finding another sneeze fetishist here before the forums all got going, but I was losing practice! Now we have Juliette to read!

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Oohhh, ma foi, comme c'est délectable cette observation! Je viens de me fonder en... euh... enfin, tu me comprends, n'est-ce pas? :)

Merci bien - aussi pour l'avoir écrit en français, parce que c'est une langue que j'aime beaucoup!

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Loved reading it in both languages. I will not torture you with my poivre attemps at Franglais but... I can read more than I can write and even though I couldn't translate every word- word for word- I could Definately understand. And seeing it in french was Very Very sexy. :)

And then in English so that I could get the whole thing- Yay!!

Thank you SO much! :)

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Moi aussi j'aime bien ces obsides en francais; je ne sais pas exactement pourquoi, mais les mots ont, comme on dit ,un certain je ne sais quoi, possibly not unconnected to the Anglo-Saxon obsesssion with the romantic character of all things French.


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Aw, that was great! I'm all proud of myself since I understood....A little of the French. Not a lot, mind, but hey, I remembered some! That's got to count...

I totally get a kick out of how I definately remembered the world for cold, though. Figures I would, above all else.

Anyway, love the obs! Hope I can someday be in that sort of situation one day, even though it's a bit unlikely...For me, anyway. Anyone I'm ever with never seems to be sneezy, or at least never when I'm around.

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Thanks, Juliette.

Strange how a language can have such an influence on the emotional contents.

French is more romantic to me, while in English I adore the many possible ways to say the same thing.

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