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'Tis the time of year when all the parties start, and I attended two of them yesterday. Luckily there were a few sneezes to report on, since here it's been very quiet and relatively nonsneezy. . . .

At our bicycle club holiday party I was sitting next to my friend M, having a beer, chatting about this and that, when she suddenly got that presneeze look and said, "I'm going to sneeze," turned away, and stifled completely silently, pinching her nose between her fingers. Of course I took the opportunity to talk about stifles and how they're bad for you, that I was surprised she didn't blow her ears or her eyeballs out. :laugh: M told me that yes, she had heard that a sneeze was the most violent bodily reaction you could have, to which I replied, did you know that in a sneeze, the air is expelled from your nose and mouth at 100 mph? I said, that's why you don't want to hold it in. She laughed a little, and that was that.

Shortly I had to leave the bike club early to go to my friend B's for dinner. Now I haven't talked about B yet on the forum, but she's highly allergic to just about everything on the planet and sneezes unbelievably frequently, in multiples of about 7 - 9 per fit, something like that, she just goes on forever, not like I've ever counted her sneezes or anything. :laugh: It's really fun to be around her for that reason, plus she's gorgeous and a really smart lawyer to boot.

So there were a couple of us law school gals at her dinner, my friends C and S in addition to B and me. I was hoping that something would set B off as usual, but it was not to be. :) Instead, my friend S, not known to be too sneezy, sneezed twice during dinner, into her cloth napkin (kind of :) ). S has pretty powerful, wet sneezes that come upon her suddenly, so these were nice to observe. Nevertheless, despite her sneezelessness last night, as is typical B talked a lot about allergies, which was better than nothing, I suppose. :laugh: She talked about allergies to dogs (something we have in common), which dog was less allergenic (Keeshonds, whatever they are?), how she can only get within a couple of feet of most dogs and starts sneezing (true -- I've witnessed it!). She also made mention of how she can't eat much chocolate or nuts, otherwise her mouth itches. And oh yeah, she talked about how she had her house specially constructed to have fewer allergens than a regular house, and how my friend S should move into a new house like B's so S's kids won't have allergies and asthma.

I know this is not a very great obs, but since there's been such a dearth of sneezes lately, I thought I would share anyway. Sometimes you have to take what you can get! :)

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Thanks for that Trillium! That was a nice observation, I enjoyed! :drool:

I'm curious though, is stifling really bad for you? I have heard a few people say this from time to time, but I always just considered it to be some "old wives tale", or something us fetishists might innocently mention in the hope of seeing someone sneeze outloud! :D

And also...

sneezed twice during dinner, into her cloth napkin (kind of :D ). S has pretty powerful, wet sneezes that come upon her suddenly, so these were nice to observe.

hehe... why did you find this yucky? Because it was on a napkin rather than a tissue? I thought it was cute! :twisted:

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