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My CAt and ME


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We'll for a breif history my allergies to cats is fairly new, and I have had my cat for 14 years so I keep her around. We use to live outside of my parents house but school and loss of a job led me back into my parents care.

I was sitting in my room my cat had fallowed close behind as she does and in most cases I would have kicked her out but tonight was okay. It took awhile but soon my nose started to tickle and new my allergies were going to start up. Awhile longer I was on the phone and I started to sneeze. aahhh... aaahhh.. aaahhh... AAHHCCHOOOO!!! AAAHHCCHOOO!! AAHHCCHOOO!!

This was only the start. I felt more coming and after a little more talking sneezed again. aaahh... aahhh... aahhh phew false alarm and than aaahhh... aaahhhh... aahhh... aaahhh ... AAHHCCHOOO!! AAHHCCHOOO!! AAHHCCHOOO!! AAHHCCHOOO!!! AAHHCHOO!!! AHHCCHOOO!!!

this continued as huge fit after huge fit took its hold on me. I swear I sneezed about a hundred times. The cat left I was still sneezing till I took a shower to wash off and sleep.

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New allergies cropping up at your age? How unfortunate.

That cat got you good. You might want to consider getting rid of it if you're not completely comfortable with superfits like that all the time.

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Yeah, I tend to have fits like that with cats...I seemed to have gotten semi-used to our own cat, though it definately helps if you keep it out of your room...

...Well, it helped me a ton, anyway, I hope it'll help you, too. If not, it's best to get rid of the cat, or try an allergy medication for it...Though sometimes the way the symptoms work out to be worse than the allergy itself.

Anyway, many blessings, and thanks for sharing. I hope it'll work out for you, I'd hate for you to have to part with your cat after so long, I know the feeling.

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Awww, that's a shame, but I know my mother-in-law developed her allergy to cats in her 20's, so it is possible. But, I don't think getting rid of the cat makes it better. Someone, somwhere did a study of kids who had pets at home while growing up, and then went to college. A lot of those kids developed worse allergies to their pets than people who always continued to have the pets. Does that make snese? Anyway, thanks for the obs! Bless you!

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