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Broken Promises


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Tommy's fiancée said they should share as many details about themselves as possible.

He decided to tell her about his sneeze fetish, hoping she wouldn’t hold it against him. She actually said she she thought it was “cute” if a man had a sneeze fetish. Her response was surprising to him, but he was glad she felt that way.

A few weeks after their discussion she began playing what turned out to be a prank. At random times she would stop what she was doing, with a pre-sneeze look on her face. She would hold up her right index finger and stammer out something like, “Uh! Wait! I have to sneeze!” She would follow with interminable (fake) hitched breaths, keeping Tommy in aroused suspense for 15-30 seconds, and then exhale a slow breath without sneezing. “I guess not,” she would usually say.

Tommy began to suspect this was a ploy because she was a “sudden” sneezer. When she sneezed for real, she didn't have to time to announce it was coming.

He told her he was wise to her little game because he knew that she didn’t have time to announce her real sneezes.

She laughed and asked if he felt aroused when she pulled this. Tommy said he did and she responded that she couldn’t wait to see how it worked when they made love.

He told her that just before they made love, she would sneeze for real.

“How do you know that for sure?” she asked.

“Because,” Tommy replied, “I’m going to tickle your nose with a sprig of sneezewort.”

“No fair,” she protested with a grin. “You don’t even know where to find sneezewort.”

“That’s true,” Tommy responded. “But if I could find some, I’d do it. All’s fair in love and sneezing.”

The conversation made a good laugh for both of them.

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Sneezewort, eh? I almost hope it is magic sneezewort; she might get a slight comeuppance; or discover a real taste for sneezing. But who can fault her attempts to excite her frie nd with lovely false sneezes.

More, please.

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