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My best friend is about 5'2", thin, dark long hair and brown eyes. She always always always stifles her sneezes. I don't think I've ever seen her not stifle a sneeze. She sneezes like everyday, usually twice in a row. And she sneezes a lot more if she has a cold. And she thinks she is allergic to cats too.

Her mom started off with a cold, and she always stifles her sneezes too. I guess maybe that's why my friend does it. Her mom always seems pretty miserable anytime she has a cold and she gets them quite often. She usually just sneezes once. If she doesn't have a cold she barely sneezes at all. She pinches her nose with her thumb and index finger and her sneezes sound like like "HUP-mm!"

Anyway, my friend has a cold...seems like she caught it frome her mom. she must have sneezed a dozen times today. Usually twices in a row. The more she sneezes the messier they are, but they are always stifles. They sound like "huh-HUP-MMF!.....huh-HUP-MMMMF!" and when they get messier they sound more like "huh-HUP-SHHMMMF!...huh-HUP-SHHMMMMFF!"

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