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So mr. mike and i were on the phone catching up with things. Then i told him to hold on a min cuz i had to set the phone down and run to the bathroom. He yelled "wait, dont go just yet." i stopped getting up and asked why. he said, "nothing, just stay here for a min." "umm, ok... is sonething wrong?" i asked. "naw, just stay here a min. youll be glad you did." i was so confused but i wasnt gonna argue with him. i kept babbling about how bad i had to piss and then i heard an "Etchew" from the other end of the phone. he kinda laughed quickly like "woops" then said "hehe i sneezed. now u can go to the bathroom." My mouth was just hanging open and i blessed him. Then he made a joke about how blessing was evil and i just laughed at him and said "bless u" then set the phone down. he just laughed at me and said i was silly. he doesnt know the half of it... lol :drool:

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