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Prof. with a cold


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I was in my seminar today with my sweet profesor. I've posted about him once when he blessed me after I sneezed in class. He's so very classic "professor."

Anyway, today when I got to class I thought he sounded slightly stuffy but we got out first blast of cold air and everyone's a little sniffly when coming inside so I didn't think much of it. In keeping with our first days of fall he was wearing a turtleneck (another little turn-on of mine) and a blazer--classic professor ;)

About an hour into the class he was still sounding stuffy and once when he laughed it made him cough a bit. At one point another student was talking when I heard a soft HeehShhheh. Sure enough, he sneezed and I missed it being a supportive classmate and listening to other people's analysis. He still seemed to be struggling with either another sneeze or a runny nose. About twenty minutes later he sneezed the same soft "HehShheeh." He turned away from the group and sneezed into both hands bending forward a bit. By this point in the class I think he decided to give up the illusion and just embraced not feeling well. By the end of the evening his nose was starting to get a little red--poor thing!

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he was wearing a turtleneck (another little turn-on of mine) and a blazer

Hey I share your feelings !

Thanks for this nice obs.

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Wow, classic looking professor with a cold! And how cute were those sneezes? Bent over that the wais into two hands? Text book sneezes if you ask me!!!! YUMMY! ;) Again, all of these professors, and cute guys in college make me yearn to go back to school! :P

Thanks for such a lovely observation!

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I needed that. I have a slight, little tiny "Thing" for the whole sneezy male teacher/prof. thing. ;):P

That was so cute... thanks for sharing. *grins like a loon*

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