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The most sneezing I've seen in 5 minutes in my life O.o


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Ok, so sure, people with allergies can go on fits that last and go on and on and on for a long time with loads of sneezing! but... how random is this:

This morning, for a change, I made it to my first class on time (and by that I mean, I was only 2 minutes late and didn't miss anything of importance :lol::hug: ) me and my friend K sit down trying to not disrupt the class too much, it's a small class with not too many people in it so it's hard to look invisible, but on the other hand no one really seemed to care....

So we sit down sort of in the center of the room on the 3rd row [why the hell does this matter? it doesn't... it's just where we had room... why am I writing this again? :D ] and I try to tune into class... I get my notebook out.. and a pen.. and while I'm "unfolding" and arranging my stuff so I can get in... well... a phenomenal occurrence begins *magic time*.

I'm not sure if this is the correct order of things, but, a nice thin blonde girl to my right sneezes a triple "g'tsh 'tcshe.. e'tsh" prompt small not really stifled but sort of "contained" (if you know what I mean) sneezes into her hand. I know we always talk about people focusing on trying to get the sneeze out, or to stifle it, she had a sort of expression on her as if she was concentrating on catching the sneezes and then stopping them, it was very cute actually.

Less than a minute goes by and some girl (didn't get to see) somewhere behind me sneezes a normal [what is normal anyway?] sneeze, I guess something that sounded generic enough to not be spelled in any unique way, no too loud, not high pitch or anything, just a moderate "hatchoo" that was pleasant to hear.

Less than a minute after that one and a guy I know who was sitting behind me sneezes, and truth be told, even though I'm not attracted to him [and hello, he's gay... :kissblow: ] I've wanted to see sneeze, just because he's nice and new people with their new sneezes are fun, but I didn't see it, just hear it... a bit hard to spell... I couldn't hear much of an intake or like a buildup in terms of a change in his breathing pattern, and the sneeze itself is difficult to spell since it was kind of fast and a bit cough sounding... sort of like "Chooff" only more rugged and cough sounding and too fast to actually consist of the sound "oo" and he commented after he sneezed "man, what is going on" which was cute, cause I think he referred to the fact that it's hardly been 2 minutes and we've had 5 sneezes from 3 people so far...

actually, it could've been 6 from 4 people, I'm afraid I might be missing a sneeze on this count since it all happened so fast I dunno what happened when. But! we continue...

Then, then my friend K sneezes, ever since we started going to school together and we spend a lot of hours together in and out of classes I've noticed that he sneezes a lot more than I'd assume (since before I used to see him for shorter periods of times and not as often) so it's kind of an interesting discovery even though his sneeze does nothing to me (in fact, for the longest time I treated it with hostility :lol: I just distinctly don't like his sneeze and the way he sneezes but for the sake of this obs I'll comment on it I guess) normally, K gets the most ridiculous look on his face, he closes his eyes, his tongue is sort of dangling like a silly puppy while he gets ready for the sneeze and he pinches his nose when he sneezes and tries to stifle (semi-succeeding) what sounds like what would have been a naturally wet-nasty sneeze, and personally, I am not a huge fan of people pinching their nose, especially if these people are guys... totally not my taste... but for the sake of it "Haa'gmNRFH" is the only way to spell that weird-ass sneeze of his... he then looked a bit lost and tried to find a tissue in his bag... when he couldn't he whispered me and asked if I happen to have any, and even though I almost never blow my nose in public and even though I'm not of sneezy-runny-stuffy nature, since I would rather be prepared and responsible, yes, I do have a travel-size pack of tissues in my bag at all times (:lol: normally the same pack for like the duration of 6 years if I'm the only one using it, since that's how long it would take me to use a pack of 5 tissues on my own :blushing: ) he said I'm a life saver and thanked me and then blew his nose in the loud and most obnoxious way only he knows how to :laugh: [gosh, the poor fellow, ever since we've been spending so much time together I am just criticizing him SO MUCH MORE, but in all fairness, I was judgemental towards his sneezing and blowing habits since before :P ]

But does it end here? not quite, ok, so the guy from before? sitting behind me... he decides to make a come back with another sneeze a minute or so after K, same sort of sound, just a bit quieter.

And in the meantime I am wondering - what the bloody hell is going on? can I expect this to happen every week? :laugh: is this what I missed last week when I was stuck in traffic for the whole duration of this class? :wub: *deprived deprived*

So... to end this magical sneeze-cycle we fast forward for 15 minutes or so [i know I said 5 on the title, but this last bit of the obs is a nice closure even though it happened slightly after "the great November sneeze-fest of Sociology class 07" - I'lll be selling printed T-shirts to commemorate this observation later :laugh: ] we return to the nice blonde who sneezed first... guess her thin nose was still feeling itchy since she fired up another quick double "etsh 'netch" short and prompt like before, and the thing about her sneezes is that it's not like she's trying to stifle, but the stifle seems sort of built-in to the nature of the sneeze :laugh:

and then I wonder how I'm supposed to focus and learn anything and how I'm supposed to walk around and concentrate all day long... :laugh:;)

Ok... another cute little one to really seal this post... in Anthropology class, my last lesson for the day (and this is my longest school day during the week, so around that time of the day everyone starts to get impatient and we struggle to stay focused on anything really...) also known as "that useless class we criticize and mock all the time and find as a waste of time" (no offense to any anthropologists in particulate, just being vulture and judgmental in general, heck I can go on for HOURS about this subject, but I won't, I've said too much already :laugh: ) well, in what was a relatively quiet moment during our lecture from behind me I heard (me and probably everyone else in the class, and mind you, it's a big class, actually my biggest, we're in a lecture hall and we're probably over 60 people which compared to my other classes is big) a pretty strong, though not extremely or exceptionally loud, female sneeze. I thought it was a really nice addition (and so well timed, since our professor was trying to let things sink for a moment before she went on) "Heetchoo!" it made me smile, the sound of something interesting in this class at last. I turn around to see who it was while just about everyone in a 7 meter radius blesses this girl :lol: (it was so cute, collective blessing, really, by a lot of people because of the timing and the volume of her sneeze) and I see that the girl thanking everyone is actually D.

D is also in some of my other classes and we're getting to know each other, you know the drill. I've heard her sneeze once before (and liked it then too) she is actually a pretty cool person, she's tall (and not just compared to me, which isn't a huge achievement really...) and she's a redhead (naturally almond-ish I guess but she enhances it into a dark sort of tone of copper-red, ok, trying to *describe* this colour on paper sounds pretty horrible actually, but it's a really nice hue, I like it a lot, it compliments her light skin), she's slightly on the frecklish side, got a really mischievous pair of "sexy-kitten" glasses (you know the type of look I mean) which are just so cool and look good on her, and well... even though I don't know her well at all, heck, you can definitely classify her as someone I'd be interested it, she's not a hottie in the classic sense of the word, nor is she a classic beauty but she combines all sorts of feature which are really ever so cute :innocent: SO... I turn, I see that it's D, and I turn back to focus on the class but for that split second I have my head turn, we actually make eye contact (since I turned a bit after the whole mass-wave of bless yous) so I don't stop to think really much, I mean.. she sneezes.. everyone blesses her.. then I turn a bit after.. we make eye contact... and before I even get a chance to think I turn again (I don't know if it was because I was trying to justify why I turned the first time or not) and I lip to her "bless you" without really saying it and she smiles and nods and lips back "thanks", somehow I think the whole thing was sort of "awwwww" call me sappy :blushing:

[my god, I talk so much >.< oh and in case you have noticed, things that are in [square brackets] are representing things I am thinking and not sure I should be typing... it's my "new thing"]

Over and out, Army-girl.

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Thanks for sharing, but some people like me for example I can't control the sound of my nose blowing. Also if you rarely blow your nose in public than why bother carrying tissues with you? I don't mean to sound rude I'm just curious, I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm being rude.

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Thanks for sharing, but some people like me for example I can't control the sound of my nose blowing. Also if you rarely blow your nose in public than why bother carrying tissues with you? I don't mean to sound rude I'm just curious, I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm being rude.

Well, I don't mind it when other people blow loud, I mind it when HE does it... I'm a judgmental bitch towards him in particular sometimes, but hey, he's the same with me too ;) it all evens out.

As for why carry tissues around with me, well... in general the number of things I used to (and still do some) carry around in my school bag which I don't use on anything close to a regular basis or often don't use at all is probably slightly on the abnormal side... nail-file, mirror, ligther (and mind you I never smoked in my life), tissues, chapstick, hand-lotion, the train schedule (I haven't taken the train in over a year and I know what time my train leaves if I ever should want to take one...) and what person in their right mind carries around eye-drops at all times is beyond me (I used to need them frequently during this particular time in my life about 3 years ago and they still move with me whenever I change bags...)

I think it's evident I have a bit of a problem :blushing: combine that with my slight tendency to hording stuff... papers and more papers... and even more papers... I just stack junk and stuff... the whole "be prepared" attitude all the time (in case I err... I'm not sure in case of what... :lol:) tissues seem like an important thing to have. So far, it's proven itself when it comes to people around me more than when it comes to me which is maybe a noble altruistic enough reason to continue? who knows ;) lets just take the "why not" attitude on this one :omg:

Like I said, long complicated and seemingly unimportant explanation for why I carry around tissues but my grasp on it is one of everyday-crucial-importance-of-things-in-the-background. Eeeeeyeah.. maybe I should be medicated? :laugh: "the patient suffers from an irrational sense of responsibility towards her surrounding which manifests itself in her urge to be a mobile-all-in-one solution center of everyday problems also known as severe "just in case" syndrome".

I'll shut up now :shy: way more than needed to be said really... :laugh:

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army-girl, your obs are always amazing! I would simply go nuts with the chorus of sneezing going on like that! Thanks for being able to share it with us, in such great detail!

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