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ok, this year i got an upgrade in french teachers B) instead of boring old wrinkled Mrs A, we've now got a hot new 25 year old Ms U. Shes tall, slim, and has an uncannyt resemblance to Gwenyth Paltrow, except much taller. She's a bit of a bitch at times and not the nicest teacher ive ever had, but shes ok when shes in a good mood :D. ive talked about her already a few times on the forum, and how i wanted to see her sneeze, but i cant remember where :)

Anyway, all this year i could have killed to see her sneeze. Every french lesson was exciting, at the prospect that she might sneeze (well THATS not obsessive at all! :P ) becuase i reckoned she's have a good sneeze.

So, last class on Friday (drumroll) we were having a pretty laid-back lesson just revising vocab and stuff, and we had finished with about 3 minutes left to go so she just let us chat until the bell.

My friends and i gathered at a table and talked about this and that, while Ms U typed on her laptop.


over my friends shoulder i saw her nose bunch up a bit, and slowly she brought cupped hands to her nose and her eyes narrowed. Slowly she drew her head back a little and then "het-chssshh!!" and i went numb :laugh:

she stayed with her nose and mouth in cupped hands, still with that same gorgeous expression...and then......"hit-pshhoo!!" and i went number :laugh::hug:

Ms U is one of those people who dont seem effected at all after a sneeze or two. Some people's noses go bright red, their eyes water and they end up sniffing and rubbing their nose and searching for a tissue for 5 minutes. Well, Ms U wasnt one of them.

She was amazinly composed afterwards, and with one soft rub under her nose with her index finger, she was back to neutral again.

she may not have been effected by her sneezing, but i sure was :blushing:

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Hmmm....My French teacher was Mrs Shepherd and she was actually French. But she was a lot older than 25, stank of stale tobacco and may have sneezed on two occasions in as many years. :)

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she may not have been effected by her sneezing, but i sure was :P

Yeah well hey.....I can imagine babe. :)


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*drools* oh man ^.^ Hippo, I love the way you write ^.^ serves you right to finally see her sneeze.. she sounds... yummy :) hope you catch a few more of those, you earned them ^.^

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I really like the title of this observation ("OMG SHE DID IT!) because it really captures that excitement when you finally get to see someone sneeze after you have been wanting to see it for a while. I remember being that way when I saw certain people sneeze, just thinking "Oh my God, I can't believe that the person actually sneezed," which is funny because everyone does sneeze. It's just that sometimes you only see someone in the context of school, for example, and you know that they're sneezing at home, when they're out somewhere, wherever, but it seems like they never sneeze around you. Come to think of it though, before I joined this forum and saw so many celebrity sneezes, some part of me was convinced that celebrities just couldn't sneeze :blink:

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Lovely description, as ever. It is odd for me to read these obsides, because I was almost invariably taught by elderly, as they seemed, men, and while I obviously noticed their sneezes [mostly because they seemed utterly bizarre], I can't recall ever finding them attractive, unlike those of my fellow pupils. Moreover I had brief experience of looking at it, as it were, from the other end of the sneezescope.

But I never had problems with imagining celebrity sneezes.

PS Taller than our Gwyneth? It's all those Australian vitamins that produce the gigantism.

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PS Taller than our Gwyneth? It's all those Australian vitamins that produce the gigantism.

:blink: im not so sure about that, im short as hell and i eat all the Australian vitamins i can get! And anyway, she's actually from England, and came here for Uni or something like that :blink:

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