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Cute girlie sneeze (self-obs - f)


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Well yesterday I had to go to do a bit of work on a client site, just some software testing. This girl N. met me and took me to the PC I needed to work on. I've known her for years, and she is a sweet girl. Blonde, tall and thin, one of these sweet people that always asks after everyone and seems to really care about people. Anyway it wasn't her that sneezed!

She was sitting at the PC starting it up for me and I was standing next to her and she was asking after the guys in my office as a couple of them have been off sick. As we were talking I felt a tickle! Now usually I just mentally make it go away - years of habit! - but this time I thought, it would be quite nice to sneeze, so I let it come, which was a bit tricky while having a conversation, and in a moment's lull I turned away from N. to my left, and brought up my right hand. I think it's quite reflexive which hand you use to sneeze into, I'm right handed so it was automatic to use that one, but it would have been better to use my left as I was holding some papers in my right hand. So instead of sneezing into my hand properly I sort of sneezed to the side and onto the back of my wrist. It surprised me with its intensity and spray, sort of HUH-TISSSHHHHOOO!

"Excuse me," I said and N. said "Bless you," very sweetly.

I thought it was quite cute ... if you like that sort of thing :). Maybe next time I see her it'll be her that rewards me with a sneeze - I hope so!



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Observations of others are always welcome, but it's always great to have auto-observations of our fellow posters! Thanks for this one!

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Bless you Juliette. And your right. that was cute. :P

But even after knowing her all these years, you never saw her sneeze once? :)


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But even after knowing her all these years, you never saw her sneeze once? :)

LOL ... well although I've known her for ages I only see her once in a while... I may have seen her sneeze but forgotten (because she's a girl) ... next time I will remember for sure so I can report back to you guys! :P

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Actually, I'm right-handed and if I can't get both hands (which is what I normally do) I'd take the left one :) so there goes your theory :D but! good for you, and bless you :P

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This is in general a cute observation.

But I particularly like the part where you decide to sneeze. I don't know why I find that attractive when it kind of defeats the purpose of the "loss of control" aspect that we all find so alluring about the fetish. But I like it that you could have decided not to sneeze, but you did it anyway. And of course, I think that even when you (general you) decide to sneeze, you reach a point of no return, where the sneeze is coming no matter what, so I guess that's where the loss of control comes back into the picture. :blink:

And it's great that your friend stepped up to the plate with the appropriate bless you.

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Well done indeed. You should certainly be proud of yourself, especially for having had the nerve to have a really good girly sneeze... and of course describe it in such lovely detail.

I am with Sapphire; the best bit is the deciding to do it. But my feeling is that that sort of control over a sneeze takes precedence over general loss of control. I mean, anyone can lose control, but wouldn't we prefer an announcement or an attempt to get a big tickle to blossom into the real thing? The point of inevitability seems to vary, but that's another matter.

I can't recall if you have sneezed in front of R, or if you are perhaps intending to; everything points to that being a good experience.

A philosophical puzzle; why do girls sneeze girlily?

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