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my sneezer is starting to work again


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well yeah.. my nose has been annoying lately. I havent had to sneeze and even when i try to induce i get nothing cept maybe a false start, if im lucky. so anyways im sitting on the couch and no one is around.. and i feel a sudden intense tickle. i cover my mouth and nose with my hand and sneeze a light "eshew" in my hand.. then the second one started to come but............. it went away on a dime because i saw my suter coming towards the room.

unfortunatly thats all the self obs i have from the last couple days... sorry :blink:

good news is that one of our cats is really sick... so he has to stay in my room till he gets better. cat +alleriges= sneezy carrie. hehe ive already had the sniffles and ive been in here maybe fifteen minutes. i hope i start sneezing my head off soon hehe :blink: if i do.. i PROMISE ill post more obs.

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