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My poor bf accidentally sneezes on a stranger


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A month or so ago I went to a university party with R, and there I made the discovery that something about parties makes him sneeze. On Friday night I received further opportunity to delve further into this mystery, as we went out with a large group of R’s old friends from when he was in high school.

We met up with the group at a bar. I had already been introduced to many of the company on odd occasions, but I didn’t remember anyone’s name. R had already had 3 or 4 drinks by the time everyone arrived, all of which were very cold and icy. I know cold, icy drinks give R the sniffles and alcohol seems to increase this effect. So... my theory on his party-sneezing is really quite simple, and I'm sure you can deduce it for yourself! :rolleyes:

We were standing in a circle, and it was quite noisy and crowded, though not jam-packed. R was going around the circle re-introducing me to everyone (which was quite embarrassing, because a couple of the girls made comments like “Aisha! It’s great to see you again!”, and I didn’t even recognize a single person! :blushing: ). When R had got about halfway round he stopped mid-sentence, brought his left hand loosely up to his face and turned away from the middle of the circle. He sneezed to the side next to my shoulder, covering with his hand, making a rather contained “Huh-chhhh!” noise.

Recovering, he smiled apologetically at the girl he had been speaking to and continued what he was saying. It was only a couple of seconds later when the pained expression on his face returned in full force, and he took a deep breath and leaned back a little while still facing the inside of the circle, then quickly turned toward my shoulder again and sneezed a slightly more violent “Hetchh-uchhhhh!” into his left hand. I wanted to hug him, but didn’t want to embarrass him because a couple of people had glanced at him that time, and I think he just wanted to finish what he was saying without having to sneeze again. Well… no such luck! Attempting to ignore the sneeze he turned to his friend again, who smiled at him sympathetically. Sniffling like crazy, R had almost got another whole sentence out when he took a deep breath, gave her a look like “oh no… not again”, and quickly turned away as a huge sneeze overtook him.

And this is where I felt so sorry for my poor boyfriend! :blink: Realizing each sneeze was becoming increasingly more difficult to contain, I think he was trying to be polite by turning completely away from the circle when this last one came. Doubling over at the waist, he caught a loud “Heeettch-eeeeeuuuhw!” in his left hand, then turned back towards everyone, finally looking relieved that his nose had stopped irritating him. But what he didn’t realize was there was a huge, mean-looking guy in his late 20’s sitting right behind him where he had sneezed, looking furious. :omg:

Despite R’s attempt to cover, he had accidentally sneezed on this stranger! Shooting daggers at R’s back, the stranger noticed me staring at him and turned his glare on me. It seriously crossed my mind that he looked like he wanted to start a fight. R turned to see what I was staring at, and as soon as he saw the expression on this guys face, he realized instantly what had happened and was horrified!

Bringing his hand to his mouth in shock, R was instantly apologetic.

“Shit! Man, I am so sorry. I am SO sorry, excuse me!”

The guy just kept glaring, he looked at my boyfriend with pure disgust and hatred, and I could tell R really didn’t have a clue what to do next.

“I am SO sorry… I didn’t mean to…uh… shit, I’m really sorry! I’ll buy you a drink ok? What drink do you want?”

The guy just shook his head and kind of motioned to R with his hand to get lost. At this point I just felt so sorry for R, who was just standing there, still looking surprised and embarrassed with the knowledge that he had just sneezed all over some stranger.

“Man, are you sure? I'll buy you a drink... I’m really sorry…”

The guy is now glaring at R like “get lost before I MAKE you get lost!” so we left that bar about five minutes later. While we were walking out of there with everyone, R turned to me.

“I really ruined that guy’s night didn’t I?”

I truthfully replied that he actually had that same angry expression on his face when we walked into the bar, and he would probably have already forgotten about it. R was still a bit quiet for the next five minutes; I think he was feeling guilty.

There was a lot more sneezing to this night, but that was certainly the most eventful episode. I will share one more because it was incredibly fun! :bleh: Later we were standing in line for drinks and R was in front of me. I stood behind him with my arms loosely placed around his lower chest, and I could feel the rhythm in his breathing change. It seemed to get slower, as if he were taking much longer, more deliberated breaths, and between each breath their was a gap, as if he wasn’t sure whether a sneeze was about to come out, and each time it didn’t, his chest would shudder for a split-second and he would sniffle wetly.

This was going on for about 20 seconds, which gave me ample time to get completely excited about the prospect of a sneeze! Then, as it finally came, R turned away from the counter (and the people in front of him) towards me, quickly bringing a hand to his face and jerking down into my chest, attempting to catch most of his sneeze in his hand but still managing to spray my chest (thank god for low cut tops!!) with delicious sneeze mist!! :blink:

It was quite a wet-sounding sneeze, like “huh-eeeeeeisshew!” Pretty much everyone standing around us looked at R, so he said “excuse me!” rather loudly, but looked very pleased with himself as if the sneeze left him very satisfied. Surprising myself, I whispered “bless you, baby” under my breath before I even thought about it… but he didn’t hear, it was crowded. (But to be honest, I said it quietly on purpose!) :wacko:

When we got out of the line, R couldn’t wait to ask me “did you like it??” I didn’t even need to ask what he was referring to, I just laughed and hugged him and said “of COURSE!” :laugh:

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WOW - what an incredible obs!! Thank you for sharing!! I adored that last sneeze ... the sneeze-mist, boy oh boy, I'm speechless.

And - well done for blessing him!

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I adored that last sneeze ... the sneeze-mist, boy oh boy, I'm speechless.

And - well done for blessing him!

hehe, thank you! :blink: It doesn't come naturally (or easily) to me, but I love it and it's something I'm working on!

(and I love sneeze mist!! I often try to hold R's hand after he sneezes on it!! :blink:)

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What a wonderful obs! I always love it when people take the time to write such detailed descriptions of the sneezes. Your poor boyfriend, though...that must have been embarrassing. But fun for you! I'm guessing that you're going to be plying him with cold drinks from now on... :blink:

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Awwww, that must have been very embarrassing for him, but I think he handled it very well! (Obviously, the stranger couldn't appreciate what had just happened, a shame!) And I definitely think you must go out and get really cold, alcoholic drinks every weekend! You know, so you can enjoy the reaction, and then share with us! :blink:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one, Aisha! Thanks so much for telling us about it! :blink:

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Yes, well done! Very detailed and enjoyable to read! Your poor boyfriend....perhaps he would have gotten a better reaction if one of us had been sitting there. Of all the people to sneeze on, he had to get the one who wouldn't be the least bit understanding.

But he handled it well, I think, and I'm glad the night ended on a more positive note! Delicious. :winkkiss:

Good job on the blessing, sounds like you're getting more comfortable.

And yes, by all means- take him out for drinks more often! :blushing: Thanks for sharing!

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I'm guessing that you're going to be plying him with cold drinks from now on... :yes:

Mwahaha! ... you read my mind...

Awwww, that must have been very embarrassing for him, but I think he handled it very well!

So do I! If that had been me (and obviously we're talking VERY hypothetically here :P ) I think I would have ran out of that place in tears, if I hadn't already died of embarrasment!!

Of all the people to sneeze on, he had to get the one who wouldn't be the least bit understanding.

I know, bad timing right? I should remind him that next time he feels the urge to sneeze on someone... HEY! I'm standing right next to you!! :blushing::D

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Brilliantly told story: and a familiar problem for us; we are enjoying it even though the sneezer doesn't. Too deep for me.

However, I think he should have been reassured by what you said; viz. the bloke was going to be fed up whatever happened.

Cold drinks, eh@? Yes, a version of the old change of temperature thing; now, suppose one held an ice cube under someone's nose. Anyone ever done it?

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Aisha, I just adore reading about you and R. You two are sooooooo cute and you have a wonderful way of writing down the obs. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

PS.. this was really cute hehe :)

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