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furnace repairman (m)


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It hasn't been cold yet, but decided to get my furnace looked at just before Thanksgiving.

I'd never met the repairman before, he was new to town. He turned out to be a tall, moustached man, mid 40's. fairly muscular. I took him downstairs and showed him the furnace. He started examining it while we were engaged in small talk about how he liked the town and such, when suddenly, his breath started to hitch in the middle of what he was saying, and his face went into the pre-sneeze look. Then he pinched his long, fairly large nose between his thumb and fourth finger. I thought this was sure to put a halt to the sneeze, but to my surprise it didn't. He took a deep breath and sneezed a medium size sneeze with a three syllable sound! Haaachiiiishhaaaa! Just as I was about to bless him, he wound up for another, again pinching his nose. Haaachiiishaaa! It was slightly less forceful than the first. When I was fairly sure there wasn't another on the way, I blessed him. "Thanks," he said. Excuse me."He took out his handkerchief. "Damn, I hate sudden sneezes." Must be the furnace dust" he remarked. he looked concerned as he prepared to wipe his nose. "Hope I didn't get any on you." He said. I laughed and told him no, I'd stayed out of range.

No more sneezes the rest of the time, but what a nice encounter that was!

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Hmmm, maybe I need to get my furnace checked, too! :winkkiss: What a lovely obs, thanks for sharing! My knees go weak whenever they discuss their sneezes afterwards!

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Hmm... in the cellar with a hot man sneezing. I don't think I could have resisted!

It wasn't easy! In fact, I had to excuse myself right after that to go upstairs to keep from it!

By the way, atchoum, I'd love to set up a chat with you sometime.

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I see too we are similar in making sure no other sneeze is on the way before saying anything!

And yes - I d love to chat with anyone from the forum - aol is all I ve got though.

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