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They need to replace air filters in here again.


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So I’m currently sitting here trying to type my mind-numbing 10 page paper for school on Tuesday and it’s unbelievably hard to concentrate. So far I have 6 pages done, but my eyes keep watering and I keep…huh…hiissshhhheeeew! Keep sneezing just about every 10 minutes. *sniffles*

At around 6 pm I went in and took a shower, since I doubt I’ll be up in time to do that tomorrow morning before my 8 am class. And also showering discourages me from falling asleep too early, since I normally hate to sleep with wet hair. After turning the shower off, I barely had time to step out of the tub before doubling over and sneezing a triple.

After I towel dried my hair for a little while, I threw it up and went across the street to the Speedway to get some kind of caffeinated beverage. I rubbed my watery eyes as I was looking for that magic Diet Coke with Cherry…but I couldn’t find it, so I settled for a Diet Dr. Pepper instead. On my way up to the checkout counter, I stopped in one of the candy aisles to rub my suddenly tickly nose with the side of my hand. I almost sneezed, but caught it early…and didn’t. My eyes were so cloudy by the time I got up to stand in line to pay for my stuff, that I could barely see the price tags on a four pack of batteries. I almost picked up some $10 rechargeable ones instead of the $3 regulars. The cashier teased me about nearly paying way too much for batteries. I sniffled, blushed and said “Yeah, I know.” I finished paying for my stuff, and walked out of there still wiping my eyes with the back of my hand.

I got back into my apartment and that’s when all the serious sneezing started. I sneezed about 7 times as I was writing this….no, make that 8 now. :blushing: *sniffles* I’m guessing I need to do some cleaning or it’s the air filters again because every time I sniffle, it feels like I’m going to sneeze. *sniffles* hah—eeesshhhheeeew! *sniffles* :wub: Oh well, just thought some of you might like to know. :winkkiss:

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aww bless you! yes great obs...hope the paper's going okay. i can sympathize...got 5 pages of a 20 pager due wed. (to prove we're not slacking behind or something dumb like that :D)

anyway, don't even worry about cleaning until the paper's outta your hair and you've gotten sleep again. that's what i do anyway :bleh: plus, another obs wouldn't kill us i'm sure. hehe!


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