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This morning I had one of those I-gotta-sneeze-so-bad-but-can't teases . It was one of those burning/tickly teases that can go on until it drives you insanely mad. I have at times felt sneeze pressure build up to where I had a sinus headache, but the sneezes just wouldn’t come.

Today I got out my saline nasal drops and put some in each nostril. To my delight, in less than two minutes that sneeze escaped from captivity in my nostrils. Unexpectedly another followed a couple of seconds later. A half hour later, two more came. I was in Sneeze Heaven.

It was blessed relief. God bless the sneeze! It’s a beautiful thing!!

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:) Thanks all. I'm just glad my head didn't explode. L O L

Bless you!

I'm glad your head didn't explode, either, that would be kind of messy! :laugh:

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