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Ahh, my first observation post. I hope you guys will enjoy it.

This is something that actually happened *woah, I just sneezed* a couple of years ago. I was in my spanish class junior year and I had the most intense crush on a guy I will name BG. Seriously, I was in love with this kid. He is of average height (I'd say 5'10 or something?) with dusty brown hair (short, but grown out enough to look totally hot), piercing blue eyes, a nice build, and a perfect nose. He was basically THE most universally attractive being I had ever laid eyes upon. Anyway, when it came time to switch seats after first quarter, I was lucky enough to have him sit directly behind me! I couldn't believe my good fortune. Every day, I would listen to every little noise he made-sniffles, yawns, whatever. But one day it occurred to me that I would love to hear him sneeze. Coming from such a perfect-looking guy, I knew it would be great. Well, I didn't have to wait long. A couple times per class, he would gasp quietly, and sneeze into cupped hands. A few of the times, I felt the breeze on the back of me head and almost melted. I wondered if my hair spray was making him do it because before he sat behind me, I never heard him do it! To the best of my knowledge, it sounded something like "Huh-chuh" or "Heh-isch." It was beautifully wet, not too loud, and totally cute. Unfortunately, he only does them one at a time. One of the times that sticks out in my memory is when we were taking a test. He usually sniffles a lot before he does it, and this time he was doing that, so my ears perked up. Suddenly, I heard him drop his pen on his desk and sneeze. I just thought it was so cute that he put his pen down so that he could sneeze into his hands. :blink: It was amazing. For the rest of the year, I got to listen to him sneeze pretty often. Oh, how I miss him. I hope you liked my first ob!

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I am so wishing I was back in school right now!!! :laugh: How lovely to sit in front of a good looking, regular sneezer! I woldn't mind a guy who only sneezes one at a time, as long as he did it regularly like that, right? :bleh: Thanks for a wonderful first observation. I bet you do miss him a lot. :blink: I have a sneezy friend I used to work with that now works at a different location, and even though he's been gone alomst a year now, I miss him so very much still! ^_^

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