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Remember the boy I referenced to in this post? Well, I finally got to see him sneeze again!

He was staying at my place a few nights ago, because my parents were away, and we were sitting on the couch. It was pretty late at night and we were watching a film. I was in the middle, with him to my right and one of my best girl-friends on the other side of me. Anyway, suddenly he turned away really, really sharply and sneezed, almost in one motion. I don't know if he moved that way as not to spray me and my friend or if the sneeze was that forcefull. Anyway, it was a wet sounding sneeze, not too loud, and he covered his nose with both hands. Cute! I said "Bless you" and he thanked me. He didn't sniffle or make much fuss about it after, but boy did I suddenly want to cuddle up to him (however, with the other friend there, I refrained from it- he and I were sitting pretty close already).

Anyway, there were no more sneezes til the next morning. My other friend had left and he decided to stay a little longer before going home, so we were watching a DVD on the couch again. This time I was on the furthermost cushion (to the right) and he was in the middle. We were sitting pretty close and had been continuing our poke-war/tickle-war whenever we thought we could sneak up on the other person, our arms were pretty much touching ^_^ when really suddenly again, he moved sharply to the left and sneezed- covering his nose again. I blessed him again and we went back to watching the DVD - or he did. It was a nice sneeze, wet sounding again- I wish I could spell it, but I can't!

Anyway. Two nice obs. No complaints from this girl.

Oh, and here's a juicy tid bit- we were talking about how I couldn't sleep the night before over breakfast and I said to him "you snored quietly last night, it was so disrupting!" and he apologised and said it was probably because he has bad sinuses, and that meant a lot of "heavy breathing" (his words, not mine!). This explains why he's such a noisy breather when he sleeps and also why he sometimes sounds a little congested. Mmmm. I have no complaints if he's the kinda boy who sneezes twice a day... :blink:

I'm petrified he'll find this and read it! Argh!


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Awww, that is so cute! I love it when guys spill their weaknesses like that. "I have bad sinuses" or "I sneeze a lot." Thanks for sharing, I certainly hope you get some more from this little cutie!

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Yeah, I thought it was pretty cute that he could admit to it. I guess it doesn't bother him much, because he wasn't too shy about it and on the whole, he's very shy. Nice, but shy. It's ok once you get to know him, but he says he's very awkward at parties (I wouldn't know, we've never been at a party together). I'm inclined to say to that- we're teenagers! who ISN'T awkward at parties?

That was a little tangent, wasn't it? I shall stop there...

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