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At the Mechanic's Shop Waiting Room

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I brought my car in for maintenance at the mechanic's shop this morning. While they were working on the car, I waited in their waiting room. There were a couple of other customers waiting there -- a scruffy looking guy who was slouching out of his chair asleep, and a hot-looking Latina woman. Despite it being late November, the woman was wearing tight low-rise jeans and a short tank top that left her midriff, her shoulders and half her boobs exposed. She had a little denim jacket, but she didn't have it all the way on -- more like half draped over her shoulders, but not enough to cover much (or, I'd think, keep her particularly warm).

I was sitting at right angles to hot-looking woman, looking at the magazines. She was paying attention to the news show on TV. Without heralding it at all, she made a very cute stifled sneeze (Pichsh!). Now that she had my attention, I surreptitiously watched her to see if there was another coming.

Oh! She did tease!

A minute after the first, she got this classic pre-sneeze face -- eyes almost closed, lips parted, nostrils flaring -- and held it...then sniffed a few times. The "face" evaporated. But the sniffling had just begun. For the next 40 minutes she sniffed, rubbed her nose, and made several more incipient sneezy faces. Once she sniffed loudly, rubbed at her nose, and plunged her hand into her purse. This was it! She was getting a tissue to catch her sneeze! Nope, her cell phone to text message someone. Another time she sniffed and made "the face" (so cute on her!) and looked quickly around at the tables. Oh! She is looking to see if they have Kleenex boxes out! Nope, she just picked up a magazine.

This went on for almost three-quarters of an hour, and I was getting to the point where I was so invested in seeing that second sneeze emerge that I when the mechanic came to the waiting room to announce that someone's car was ready, I was hoping it wasn't mine. Or hers. (It wasn't. It was scruffy sleepy guy's)

After the mechanic left the room, hot girl got up and went to the bathroom. After that, no more sniffles, nose rubbing, or sneezy face. She either blew her nose while she was in the bathroom, banishing the sneezy feeling, or I missed the sneeze.

Oh. She teased me with her nose!

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