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Obs in history class. Self, so male.


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We had a substitute for history today. The main teacher was off for MUN or something. Anyway, it was this really nice guy, Mr.Hoover. Anyway, we have history in the morning, usually first block, like today. Ever since I woke up, a sneeze had been pestering me. It struck with a vengeance in history class. But there is no sun in the history room, so what do I do?

I head over to the library, and print out a page entitled "Everything you need to know about photic sneezing", and I give it to him, to help explain why I wanted to go out of class. :blushing:

"Mr.Hoover, can I use the bathroom please?"


Pretending to go to the bathroom, I took a little detour, to the most exposed place in the school, where I can look up at the sun without someone seeing how stupid I look. After a few seconds.... "Hack-isshh-hooo!" A little throaty at the end, it left my throat aching a little bit. Feeling refreshed nonetheless, I went back to prepare for my debate.

"It's good to have an empty bladder man huh?" some guy cracks as I enter the class. I give him the finger and head over to my seat.


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Cute! Bless you! And I always love it when guys flip off other guys for some reason! It's just amusing to me!

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