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sneezy convo and fake sneezes


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ok so i totally love telling ppl about my fetish! lol, its hardly a secret anymore. i walk down the hallway and guys just fake sneeze for me all the time! LMAO! its wonderful. i like real sneezes better of course, but i take what i can get.

so today in math class i decided to let my 3 guy friends who sit around me, know about my fetish. i said simply, "i have a fetish?" of course they all wanted to know what it was. so i wrote a small note with the word SNEEZE on it.

"sneezing?" S said.

i grinned and he said, "HUTCHOO!" the teacher said. "Bless you, S."

of course we all started cracking up.

Then the guy behind me said, "i can make myself sneeze."

and the guy next to me J and me both said in unison, "do it!" J wanted me to b turned on lol.

C, the guy behind me said, "no!" i sighed and shook my head, and he kinda grinned, then he said. "But i did sneeze my a$$ off in first hour today."

"Why?" i asked.

he shrugged, "i always sneeze in first hour."

i laughed and said, "i need to get into ur first hour. No, just kidding." To which he laughed at.

then as we "listened" to what the teacher was saying, i saw S rolling up paper. i looked over at him and gave him a question look. he was lyke, "i'm trying to sneeze for you. But its not working." So he just faked a few. i grinned and crossed my legs.

then after school S and me were walking in the hallway to the bus and my friend A let out a really big fake sneeze, "HASHOO!" and me and S were just cracking up! S was like, "my God, how many ppl have u told?!"

i was lyke "tons, it makes it more fun that way!"

i'm afraid this obs pretty much sucked, sry if u guys don't like it.... :bleh:

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Honestly? I think it's adorable that they were doing that for you! My favorite head cashier has done it a few times, and even though I could tell he faked them, I really enjoyed it! How cute that the teacher blessed S, right? :P

I thought that as I came out more about this fetish, and when I'd wear my "Bless All Sneezy Men" shirt, I'd get a lot more fake sneezes, but so far, not that many.

Very cute, though! Maybe you'll get lucky and get some real ones, now, too! :)

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Wow! :) It's awesome how you are so comfortable with your fetish, and your friends play around with it like that! Kudos to you for sharing it with them and getting such a positive response!

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i'm afraid this obs pretty much sucked, sry if u guys don't like it.... :)

Most definately not! Wow! I wish I had your confidence....so amazing!

I bet it's so awesome being able to muck around with friends like that :P .

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AWwww I havent really told any guy friends before but I've told about six girl friends. Most of my closer friends of that group have been really interested and love teasing me nicely about it. Like poking me when someone sneezes around me. And its sooo true that writing it down is wayyyyy easier than saying the word "sneeze" out loud. But this does sound reallly really cute. Maybe I should tell a guy friend at one point, its something to consider :)

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