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Friend with cold (m)

Guest Maria

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I've posted about him once before, so I won't comment about his looks except to say that he's still very cute ;-) and since this obs involves other people I'll refer to him as L. Anyways, he's come down with another cold, and yesterday we went out to dinner with a couple other friends. Actually he has had that cold for the better part of a week, but had promised me to take me out yesterday no matter how he felt. So we are in the car on the way to pick up the other friends and he tells me he is feeling better and almost doesn't cough anymore, and less than 5 minutes after having assured me that he's okay, his eyes squint shut and he sneezes into a cupped hand; "HaCheew! Shit." He wipes his hand on his jeans and sniffles wetly. As we reach friends' house, we go inside instead of just waiting in the car because he has to blow his nose. The girl, lets call her A, is still in the bathroom getting ready, so he graps a napkin from the kitchen and blows his nose loudly with one hand and the other arm around my shoulder. As it turns out, the other friend, B, is also sick, and is running a light fever and keeps coughing but insists on going anyway.

L is driving to the restaurant and I am sitting in the back talking to A. Shortly before we arrive L sneezes again, loudly, and B, who has brought a box of tissues, showes them in his face. L takes one out and blows his nose and then disposes of the used tissue in a plastic bag that B holds up for him. A few minutes later he sneezes again, and again the tissue box is shoved in his face. He takes one out but just holds it in his hand for aminute until he sneezes once again, this time into the tissue, and afterwards blows his nose with a loud honk. B doesn't sneeze at all but is coughing regularly and B comments on their display with a sarcastic "Are you guys having a competition or what?"

It was hilarious :)

A sneezed a few more times during the evening, while waiting for a table, while eating, and on the way home, but aside from the sneezing he actually is doing better than he was. Anyhow, I had a great night :blushing: Hope you guys enjoy the obs even if it is a little long....


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Awwww! I love it when guys swear after they sneeze!!! Thanks, cute obs, really! :)

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