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Last night, I got to work with Cute Cashier Scott. It was nice because I didn't work at the service desk, I was in another department, so I got to wander around a lot. Of course, this meant spending extra time at his register. YAY!

So, I was standing across the desk from Scott, and we were chatting. I noticed that he'd been sniffling quite a bit from the moment I walked over to him, but tried not to get all excited about it. I mean, I see him sniffle a lot with no sneezes, so it could have easily been that way last night. But, no, Sneesee was actually rewarded for being patient and not going all ga ga, waiting for him to sneeze!

I happened to be looking right at him, so I caught EVERYTHING! I was babbling, and I watched intently as his nostrils turned just a bit pink. His eyes fluttered and he hitched in a small breath as he raised his right hand towards his nose. But then the feeling must have passed because he let out a breath that sounded more like a sigh. I was all happy just with that whole false start right there, and was still staring at him when his eyebrows raised, and his eyes closed, and he took in a deeper breath than before. In one fluid motion he turned just slightly away from me, and sneezed into the crook of his elbow, just once. It was a soft but very wet sneeze, "Hupt-schuh!" I haven't seen anything like that in a long time, so I was all like, "ASJDFHFKSASIFJKGLSKJFS! OMFG!" :) Very nice, and even though I was all mush inside, I managed to say in a calm tone of voice, "Bless you." He just kind of laughed softly and said, "Thanks." He did have that rather embarrassed look on his face, which made the whole event even more enjoyable for me. :D

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Dear lord I wish I was there. That sounds adorable, yet very hot at the same time. Especially the embarrassed look on his face XD

Very nice observation <3

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Eeeeee! False start...into elbow...the way you spelled the sneeze...you blessing him... :D *dies from cuteness*

Oh... Ahem... Thanks for sharing, sneesee :bleh::laugh:

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Omg. That was positively delightful. Lol. Seriously, though, you were insanely lucky to witness that. I know a cute guy named Scott, so since you didn't give a description, I just imagined it was him!

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