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It seems like everyone around at my school stifles....

In accounting today, we just started some new stuff so the teacher was showing examples and a girl who sits up in the front, about 5'7" blonde hair probably around 20, stifled 3 sneezes, "huh-knx! huh-knx!.....KNX!" A little later in accounting, a girl sits near the back of the room, also blonde and probably 20 but shorter, she sneezed once "ha-CCHHTT!" And near the end of the class another girl sneezed. She sits on the opposite side of the room from me, short, dark curly hair, glasses probably 22, she stifled one sneeze also, louder and more harsh than the others, "HA-GANXTT!"

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yum! thankyou :laugh::bleh:

wow, lucky you! the last obs was particularly cute, but i really dont see why people stifle if its going to be that loud! :D

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nice...thanks...I'm a fan of stifles (females only)...I don't know if someone is going to stifle it should be silent or some what a little noisey by not holding your breath...but not real loud; might as well let it out

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