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Working in an office means being in close quarters with the same people for long periods of time every day... and of course this means sooner or later there are going to be some good sneezes :D I think this is a bit long-winded so sorry for that, but I wanted to share and I'll try to do better next time :laugh:

One man I work with, M, is fairly young, maybe mid 30s, and he's a really awesome guy, constantly happy and smiling and his good attitude and cuteness made me enjoy this sneezey encounter even more (and to hope for more of them soon!) M was in my office helping me on an assignment, sitting across the desk from me, and the next thing I knew he suddenly grasped his hand on the desk and bent over underneath it to sneeze out a wet but controlled Atchooo! Then he reappeared, blushing slightly with me of course eyeing him intently in the hopes of another but no such luck. I think it must have come on him fairly unexpectedly though, because other times I've seen him sniffley he's left the room every once in a while so I got the feeling he didn't like to sneeze in front of people. So I felt lucky to have witnessed this one!

There's also a lady who sits across the hall from me who seems to get sick a lot, mostly coughing but the occasional sneeze. She has these powerful sneezes when she's sick that sound like AASHOOO! I also overheard her one day talking about sneezes with the man who sits beside her: "I have this tickle like I need to sneeze, but it just won't come out! Does that ever happen to you?" to which the man ( T ) replied, "Nope, whenever I have to sneeze it just comes out!"

Which brings me to my favourite work ob about T! I first heard him sneeze in the first week or two at my job, I was just sitting in my office and all the sudden I heard this huge sneezing fit. I was dying to know who it was but I couldn't just stick my head out the door and look around... that would be a bit too conspicuous :bleh: All I could do was hope it would happen again... which it has, about 10 more time since I've been there, so every week or two and sometimes more often!

T always sneezes in fits of about 10 to 15 sneezes at a time, one after another with no break in between at all. He gets this rhythm going too and they come in two groups, like... Heh-ESHOO.. ESHOO.. ESHOO.. ESHOO.. SHOO.. Heh-ESHOOO.. ESHOO.. SHOO.. ESHOO.. Heh-ESHOOOO!!

Oh my gosh, whenever this happens I just have to stop whatever I'm doing and listen until it's done. I still can't believe I'm so lucky to sit so close to him! I haven't ever seen him sneeze because to do so would mean going into the hall and just standing there staring at him, which I don't think he would appreciate too much :dead: But it sounds nice anyway so I'm happy with that :bleh:

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Ah, office life! Those fits sound delicious; and there's always one. isn't there.

Very nice first obs.

And welcome to [this part of] the forum.

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NICE! I wish I had more sneezy co-workers that I actually worked close to. I really loved M's going under the desk to sneeze, and how embarrassed he looked afterwards! Very cute! And if I knew someone that sneezed like T, I'd be finding reasons to wander and go watch! Thank you so much for a lovely observation!

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