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First of all, sorry I haven't been on in a while. My laptop broke and was sent to California to get fixed. So I've been on the desktop that the whole family uses. Now I"m using my dad's laptop, but I'm gonna delete the history so It's all good. I get my laptop back in one week, though! Okay, on with the obs!

Well, everyone knows V. Tall, red hair, wet sneezes. Bad allergies. Unfortunatly, she isn't the one sneezing in this obs. No, it's another friend of mine, R. R is Polish, light brown hair, average height, blue-gray eyes, round face. She doesn't sneeze much, though. :)

Anyway, on Wednesday, in Science, we were talking about the little particles of dust you can see in the air when it's sunny out. V says "Ugh. I hate those. Just thinkng about them makes me sneeze." Just then, maybe coinciadentally, R leans over and takes a deep breath. "Ha-k'SHOO!" She takes another breath. "Huh-KASHUU!" She then sniffs and sits back up. Maybe she's allergic to dust, too? Then someone said something about a lot of the dust being dead skin. Then V says "Ha! That must mean I'm allergic to myself!"

Sigh. sadly, that's all the obs I have for now. Until next time,

~Grape Ferret

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I liked that ^.^ R seems to have good timing hehe. Also glad you're back and hope you get your laptop soon, sharing is no fun :twisted:

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