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My first self-obs (f)


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My parents and my brother have left the house to get some Christmas decorations. That leaves me to be home alone, which is one of my favorite things to do. I can browse the forum as much as I want and not have to worry about anyone coming down here. I can also sing as much as I want, which is another thing I love to do when no one is home. But that's another story...

A few minutes after they left, I was sitting at the computer as I am now, when I felt the slightest urge to sneeze. I don't sneeze in front of people, so I was excited to be able to let one out freely for once. I rarely get this opportunity. I am also a photic sneezer, so I stood up and looked at my light. I did NOT want this sneeze to go away! The light worked almost instantly for me. With the very short amount of time I had before I was going to sneeze (during my buildup), I tried to think of how I wanted to do it. Girlish? :) Loudly? Into the air? Into my hands? Certainly not a stifle. I breathed in deeply and cupped my hands (for some reason, sneezing into my hands seemed more exciting than doing it into the air). Then I sneezed a very satisfying sneeze that sounded something like, "Hih-ischoo!" I rather liked it. It was the perfect mix between wet and dry. Not too loud, not too soft.

Here's what was interesting about it. When I sneeze, I usually have to do it about three or four times. But when something startles me, I only do it once (very disappointing). I've now noticed that if I have the chance to do it out loud, the fact that I have just sneezed openly must scare the rest of the sneezes away. Because I've NEVER sneezed more than once in that situation. I want to so badly! I want to know how two or three consecutive sneezes sound coming from me. Maybe if I keep working on it while no one is home, the sound won't startle me and I'll be able to keep the...momentum going?

Either way, it was quite enjoyable and I have a very "normal" sounding sneeze, at least in my opinion. I hope you enjoyed my first self-obs!

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Hey shy? Lemme tell ya.

I liked it a lot. :) Oh yes. And like she said, directly from cutesville indeed. :mellow:


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When I sneeze, I usually have to do it about three or four times.


Clarification...You mean you want to induce that many or that's what you normally sneeze?? Allergies? 4 is a nice number to do when you have to sneeze!

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That is how many I do without inducing. Yeah, I guess you could say it's pretty nice-I sneeze a few times in a row without very big pauses. I don't really have bad allergies. In other words, I sneeze only once or twice a day, but when I do, they come out 2-4 in a row. Does that help?

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Bless you, fellow shy one!

Great obs. Just keep working on it, and the multiples will come. I hope you'll keep us informed! :D

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It seems very intriguing to me. A lovely detailed first self obs,and the stuff about your different sneezing methods is fascinating.

The frightened off sneeze is known to me, but frightened by your own sneezes? This implies that the usual 3-4 must be very soft if they don't frighten themselves; do you mean that they are stifled or at least held back a bit? If so, I wonder if it is possible that your one big sneeze was enough to relieve your tickle completely, so that your sneeziness was satis fied by it and no others were needed.

Obviously you know your sneezes best. Did the sneeziness just vanish completely after the one big one? And does it remain throughout the four> / ? Or did the snneeziness remain but not want to come out?

Hmmm. An interesting experiment would be to tickle your nose until the four sneezes occur, but then after the first or second to let the next one out and see whether that makes the last one vanish. I'm sure that with time, and practice, you will get your big sneeze quotient up.

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