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Empathic Mystery

This is a comprehensive list of how to induce sneezes. Not every method will work for every person. Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas.

1. Pepper

Finely ground pepper works the best, and white pepper works even better. Don't put it up your nose, or inhale it in large amounts; it will sting and hurt. If you just lightly sniff the air near the pepper, it should give you the tickle. If this still doesn't work, there are a few other ways.

2. Q-tips

Someone recently pointed out that it is dangerous to take the cotton off of the end, because it can cause bleeding if you scrape a membrane. So, it's much better to keep the cotton on. It's also recommended to use the kind with the paper/cardboard middle, instead of the plastic middle. There is less chance of being hurt. With the q-tip method, you insert the end of the q-tip into one nostril, and lightly move it around, until you find the most sneezy spot.

3. Toothpicks

This one is tricky. It's a good idea to start out with q-tips until you get good at not hurting your nose. Once you've mastered the art of tickling without hurting, then you can try something like toothpicks. Some people use them instead of q-tips because the end is more stimulating, as opposed to the cotton on q-tips. Remove the toothpick before you sneeze, so you don't end up hurting your nose. Just remember that safety is the most important thing.

4. The Tissue Method

This is probably the most common method, after pepper. To use this, you get a tissue (or some people use papertowels, because they're more durable) and roll one corner into a point (like the shape of a unicorn's horn). You use the point to tickle the inside of your nose (like with the q-tip and toothpick methods). This method is different, though, because you can leave the tissue (or paper towel) inside your nose when you sneeze, because it's too soft to hurt. Sometimes this can trigger multiple sneezes.

5. Dental Floss Threaders

Use the pointed tip of the threader to lightly tickle the inside of your nose. Because the plastic is thin and bendable, it shouldn't hurt, and you should be able to leave it in your nose to try for multiple sneezes. You can find these on the toothpaste/dental floss aisle in your grocery store.

6. Broom Brush Bristles (or Paint Brush Bristles)

This is much like the Dental Floss option. Use the tip of the bristle to tickle the inside of your nose. Since it is firmer than a tissue, it won't get all soggy. However, it's soft enough not to hurt. You can also keep it in for multiple sneezes.

7. Paperclips

This can be rather dangerous, so be careful. Unfold the paperclip until it is mostly straight, then use the tip to tickle the inside of your nose. Don't leave it in when you sneeze because it can damage your nose. This is about as dangerous as the toothpick method; remember to be safe.

8. Light

This is called photic sneezing, and it does not work for everyone. For some people, staring into a bright light (or sometimes only sunlight works) can either cause sneezes, or help to un-stick a stuck sneeze. However, this doesn't always work for everyone.

9. Spicy Foods

This does not work for very many people. For a select few, inhaling the aroma of spicy foods, or eating spicy foods can induce a sneeze. This results in singles or multiples, depending on the person.

10. Blades of Grass

Using a tall blade of grass, tickle the inside of your nose very gently. Because it is soft and pliant, it will bend to your nose and you can leave it in for multiple sneezes. Allergy sufferers might find this particularly effective.

11. Feathers

Another classic method, feathers can be used much like the blades of grass. Just gently insert the tip of the feather into your nose, or run the tip of the feather along the edges of your nostrils. The feather can also be left in your nose for multiple sneezes.

12. Hairpin (sent by Queen Umeko)

it works very well for me.

Only need to be careful since most hairpins are made of metal and it can hurt the inside of your nose if you're not gentle.

It works though

13. (sent by Sternuto) A vibrating massager held just right on the nose... with just the right amount of pressure... will make people sneeze like mad! I even heard a couple of girls exclaim that they had never 'sneezed so much in my life!'

That is about everything. If you think of something else, send me a PM and I might add it to the list. I hope this helps people.


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