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first cold this semester


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So far, my first semester of college, I've been really careful about not getting sick. I clean the dorm often, wash my hands often, drink green tea, take vitamins, and whenever a roommate or close friend is sick, I start popping the Cold-Eeze tablets (which may or may not work, but seemed to thus far) Honestly, I've been like, a total germaphobe and I never was before.

However, despite my efforts, I seem to have caught myself a cold... in one nostril. There's just a tickly spot up there that is NOT going away so that whenever I so much as sniffle (which I have to do, because my nose is runny on that one side) I get the urge to sneeze and one is not ever enough.

I have that mental block thing to a fairly tame degree, but I CANNOT sneeze in front of my roommate. I have a problem with that. I have no idea why. And more often than not I'm hanging out with her because we're good friends. So when I feel a sneeze, I press my nose at the bridge or hold my breath and that usually stops it from coming on, but it takes a few seconds so for a short amount of time that feels like forever, I have the "oh-my-gosh-don't-sneeze" look on my face and have to try and not let anybody see.

It started yesterday when my friend and I hit the gym, I got that prickle in my nose, stifled the sneeze, and my nose hasn't stopped running since. I'm sure it's pink by now because it's getting sore.

Yesterday I absolutely HAD to sneeze, so I went in the bedroom, put a couple tissues over my nose, and muffled the sound in my pillow. I'm pretty sure I sneezed like, five times before I was okay again, but barely.

Before writing this I sneezed twice into the crook of my arm, kind of understated (I'm in the library) "ih-schoo" sneezes.

I guess I should actually study now. I'll try to find a chance to record but it's tough to get real privacy in a dorm setting. So far the only symptom is slight fatigue, sniffles, and serious sneeziness. It's like, every ten minutes at least. Bleh.

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sorry to hear that you got a cold.

Hmm....I'd like to say I am sorry too, but my mommy told me never to lie. :D


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awww sorry you got sick. i do hope you feel better and i understand the recording issue cuz im at school too--but if you did find a private moment i'm sure i speak for everyone when i say a snippet of this sneeziness would be lovely to hear. :D thanks for the obs!


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Y'all are sweet... even Lambo.

Already sneezed like, ten times this morning, immediately after getting up. I was headed for the bathroom, grabbed a tissue REALLY fast, sneezed into it, blew my nose, grabbed a different one, repeated except more wetly, and then again. Not gonna lie, it felt pretty good. And I knew one roommate was sleeping and the other was gone, so I was kind of able to let them go.

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Ahh sneezing, don't you just love sneezing? I know I sure do love sneezing (this moment of OBVIOUS stupidity was brought to you by Army-girl)

sorry about that ^.^ there was just no other better way to put it, I loved reading that, hope your symptoms don't get worse, and sorry you're feeling so mental-blockish, but really, lovely to read :twisted: bless you bless you!

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