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countless' double dust sneezes


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Dust from garments makes me sneeze. Especially when it has to do with wool. That is a fact. :D

So it is almost certain that I will have to sneeze when I am shopping for clothes. :yes:

When I was in a shop a few weeks ago I sneezed and had a second one coming out before the first was finished, like ACHOACHOOOOOOO !! It was a kind of sneeze that came without warning, so I even did not have the time to get my hankie out. I liked the feeling, but this pattern was new to me. I normally always sneeze with some interval.

Had these double sneezing fits several times again since then, always happening with garments around.

Making nose runny every time, so hankie needed afterwards.

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This is an excellent development. The obvious solution would seem to be to obtain some hankies made entirely of wool.

[by the by, I presume that you had with you a large and colourful hankie or two woven of the finest silks, and that, as soon as you felt the gorgeous overwhelming sneeziness, you started indulging in " an ecstasy of fumbling" for them, in the prescribed manner]

Wonderful self-obs.

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