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Female... cold... class... *wicked grin*


Female... cold... class... *wicked grin*  

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  1. 1. Should I try to continue this "interactive" observation thing?

    • Yes, you talk too much
    • Yes, it's interesting to see which parts you think are more important and which ones are less
    • No, not worth the effort
    • Huh? what interactive observation thing?

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Hey! welcome to my first (and probably last :lol) "interactive" obs!

Since I recognize my tendency to ramble, I decided I'll give you guys a hand and mark some of the parts you can probably skip while still, you know, enjoying the observation (mostly the personal rambles and my world views)... so if you are a lazy reader and it's written in dark grey you can safely skip since it is not likely to contain information about the sneezer or sneeze.

I like my classes on Sunday, it's a nice smooth day (before you freak out on me, no, not Sunday school, just that in Israel Sunday is a normal weekday and we do work and go to school... google us to know more :lol: ) right, so I start at 12:00 noon (because I rock and I managed the world's best schedule for myself, just replace the word Sunday with Monday to get the first day of the week start late effect :bleh: ) and I have really nice classes, 2 hours of Biblotherapy for the 3rd Age, which is not so big words for treating people through literature and is a nice relaxing lesson really, the observation took place at my Biblotherapy class.

For a change, I was actually on time, and got to pick my seat, it's a bit of a small classroom and we seem to be a lot of people, but unlike most times, there were actually 2 seats free when class started, one to my right. About 10 minutes into class walks in a girl (student) who was late, knowing this class, she brought in a chair from one of the rooms outside, but our professor commented to her that she didn't have to do that, since there are still seats free.

Lucky me, she decided to clear a path in my general direction and then sat down to my right. I think I was smiling on the inside, because I thought she was pretty cute, and here is where I try to think of a famous person she reminds me of and fail miserably - Salma Hayek. Now, what do I mean by that? eh... hard to tell, she just had a quality about her that reminded me of Salma Hayek (at least when I tried to think of a celebrity) she had really really gorgeous full lips, mocha skin, and well, while she didn't share Salma's body traits (and she wasn't as sensual), she was petite and like I said, cute. There was something very pleasant and graceful about her, try thinking of a gazelle. (Are you getting any of this? I'm REALLY trying... :twisted: )

While this young lady was sorting out her belongings and what not (I didn't really pay attention at first) apparently she also took out a roll of tissue (which later on became her best friend). I didn't notice what she was doing at first (well if you think about it, I spent about 3 minutes of taking stuff in and out of my bag at the beginning of the class, and after that noticing my surroundings and what they are busy doing just seemed like a waste of energy).

A few minutes went by since she sat, and suddenly (but not really as if by surprise) she turned to her right (where generally the wall was, though mind you, she did cover) and sneezed a single, rather quick, not distinctly high-pitch or girly and so quick it was just about buildup-less in terms of intake of air "aaSH". Pleased at my luck, I smiled to myself and blessed her. She thanked me and at this point I actually noticed the roll of tissue since she quickly grabbed some and blew her nose gently.

Around 20 seconds went by (she's still dabbing at her nose), when she grabbed some more tissue and again turned slightly to her right and sneezed another soft yet prompt "aaish" into it, I blessed her again, she giggled and said thanks again. At this point I felt a little bad because it sounded a little like a nervous giggle. A few more moments go by, and she repeats the performance with another short sounding sneeze "aaeish" to yet another tissue, the blowing and dabbing in between sneezes continues. I didn't bless her for the 3rd, because of that little cute nervous giggle that followed the second time she thanked me, I just wanted to wait till she was done or something, or like, not make her feel any more self conscious (even though she really wasn't loud) or god forbid make her want to stop sneezing.

But alas, all good things must come to an end, she waited a few more seconds and sneezed the 4th and last sneeze which sounded much like all the rest, no real build up, covered and into a tissue to the side (how considerate :omg: ) "aash" which was followed by yet more blowing and wiping and dabbing. Had I known this was the last one, I would've blessed her, but I was still wondering if it'll just make her feel uncomfortable or if it was really the last one or not (ahh, hope... hope...) and by the time I had my answer, the moment for blessing has passed.

For the rest of the class (all hour and a half of it) she was sniffling and blowing very quietly and wiping and while she didn't really have any false starts, all of that just kept me hoping for more. I hope I wasn't staring >.< but who can blame me, a beautiful multiple-sneezing girl... :innocent:

I always wonder, if it's proper to tell complete strangers "hope you feel better" even if you haven't said anything else to them and it's just obvious they're sick... so far, I found myself unable to say that even though I really did want to... heck... I was half ready to take her home with me and take care of her :lol: know what I mean? ahem... lets end the embarrassing confessions here ^.^

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Oh God you scared me there...

Before I read your post, I took a look at how long it was (I always do that) and I notice I wasn't seeing all the text in the same color :omg: I was already thinking that my eyes were fucked or my brain had been damaged by too much sneeze-fetish-forum-reading, and therefore was unable to interpret the colors right.

At least I read the intro before rushing to the ER :bleh:

Ok now I'm gonna go read your post :twisted:

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I loved the way you wrote this, army girl! Now, I'm not a "lazy reader" myself, I'm a sucker for details and I love long observations with all kinds of irrelevant information (fun! :unsure: )...maybe that's just because I'm a writer, who knows? But I think this "interactive" obs thing is super considerate of you- to think of the people on the forum who like to get right to the point. How sweet and convenient! I never thought of doing that but perhaps you'll start a new trend.

I like the obs in general- super cute and dare I say...sexy?? YES...sexy too. Great detail, and well written in general. You're too cute, and thanks for sharing!


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Aw, I liked it! It's funny, but since you put that I could skip parts, I immediately skipped to the black text of each para, then went back and read the whole thing anyway. XD But it's a very cool idea, nice and thoughtful of you, and I think others will appreciate it.

Who says you can't make all of the people happy all of the time? Thanks for sharing~!

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^.^ glad at least someone found it amusing... heh, I'll consider doing it again, just for kicks XD

I once read a recipe that was written in a similar way, now I know what you're thinking, how can anyone ramble through a recipe? well it was on some woman-magazine, so naturally, there's bound to be rambling around, and the lady who wrote it said that she finds herself wondering about how to phrase things, some of them technical, and she just wanted once to share her consideration, so she did a full on version with all her comments and kind of like little thought bubbles of what she was thinking while writing, and then a short version of the final outcome for people who wanna get right to the point, the idea was endearing and fun to read.

Plus it reminds me of those interactive books, where you have options and you can design the plot... someone should write a fan-fiction like that *bam! idea thrown into the air*

Anywho, tanks for voting, I've been curious and polls have a certain advantage to them :bleh: hehe and reading Endless_Sneeze's reaction cracked me up, and threedaysofrain made my day :hug: thanks a lot for saying just the right thing ^.^

Now I'm gonna go post a fresh new obs from today before I go to sleep ^.^

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very good obs and yes you've had great ones before as well! write them how you want to because then we can really get into in from your perspective! also, that class sounds so interesting as a concept--i hadn't heard of biblotherapy before, but as an English major it sounds like a nice idea! :bleh:


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-look what all happens while i'm not around-

Putting aside that i like the obs .. :lol::P ...

I like the idea :heart: .. not cause i wouldn't read what you write .. but because as you said it is interesting what you consider as interesting and what not :heart:. Though i have to say .. for some reason that grayish color REALLY gives me some trouble to read :lol: and i mean that .. it's close to the background to the font and to whatever .. and it gives me some serious trouble to read .. :nohappy: .. but besides that i think it's nice ... and maybe it's just me anyway :omg:

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What an interesting idea! I plan on reading your entire post, bt I do think this is a nice way to do things ... you're too smart!

*ok, off to read the "story" part of the post ...*

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