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Well, to continue my trend, anything that is personal and can be tagged as on the rambling side, will be written in dark grey, the main-body of the observation, in black. And who knows, maybe as I go along I'll find new colours to add to this, and my observations will end up looking like pride... Anyway, here goes.

So! yesterday I attended my faculty's first social gathering, I'm in first year psychology, and there's actually a really good vibe in our faculty, friendly people who seem to be far more prone to trying to help each other than compete, which is great, we've been talking on our "underground" forum for a while about throwing a get together to just really get to know more people and bond, and yesterday was the big night.

The gang who organized it had a couple of get-to-know-each-other-social-games planned, one of which, was an inner-circle outer-circle sort of speed-dating game, everyone gets a topic, talk to the person sitting in front of you, and after 5 minutes, ding, you hop 1 chair to the left or right. That way you get to talk to a few people, and even though it's small talk, hey, you're talking and it's a good start.

So, I made an effort to move out of a group of people I already know a bit more and towards some other people, and call me shall-erm-desper- predictable but I sort of planted myself in the vicinity of this blonde girl I've been eying for a while. I've been sort of drawn to her in a sense (and not just because she sneezed a triple like 2 weeks ago *slap forehead*) anyway, this was a nice window of opportunities to introduce myself and at least find out her name, ya know? so there, Tammy (ding ding ding! I think that's one of the very few and rare times I've used a full nam e, refreshing, ain't it?)

Right, so I get to my introduction to development psychology (or something of that sort) class and sit down at an uncharacteristic place for me, normally I sit to the left side of the auditorium on the 4th or 5th row, nice safe distance, not too far away, eye on the crowd and all that, but this time I decided to sit at the front, since the teacher has a really delicate voice and it's not like I can't hear her when she speaks, but it's just harder to listen and focus when I'm far away. Plus one of the girls who was with me in my previous class as well said she does it all the time and it's great and I figured it'll be nice to sit next to her again since I'm riding the boost of socialization that started on our class get together the evening before. Surprisingly next to me on my other side, Tammy sits down.

Well, aside for the fact I felt a bit privileged (mission accomplished) this turned out to be a really fun distracting thing. A lil bit of background about Tammy, she's tall and just cat-ish, you know? green eyes, thin narrow nose which ends with very particular oblong looking nostrils (I don't know if I even know what I mean, but it's such a good characteristic of hers now that I think of it), slightly-dark blonde long hair, her face structure is sort of wide which all the more adds to the catness in her, she even talks a bit like a cat, not that cats talk.... just... her voice, the way it sort of twinges a bit and it's flavor. Oh oh! you know who her nose reminds me of a bit? Julia Roberts. there you go.

Anyway... that's about what she looks like... if you look up at some of my recent observations (heck I'm too lazy to do it myself) I wrote about a blonde that sneezed a triple, that's your girl right that. Now why was this absolutely fab? aside for the abundance of other sneezes that assailed my brains, not too long after class started Tammy sneezed once, covering her mouth an nose with one hand head bobbing slightly forward, a short aaa'ksh that was followed by a tiny sniffle. All in all it was a short sneeze, not a Broadway production ("Sneeze" - the musical? :bleh: there's a thought...) but hey, it rated well on the cute-scale. A moment later she sneezed again, just like the first "aaa'ksh" maybe it's fair to say that it's not a classic-sounds-like-a-cough-sneeze, but that it shares similarities. I blessed her, and she thanked me (in that voice of hers, there's just something fun about the way she talks, it's like it kind of prickles).

Class went on, other sneezes made a good effort to keep me entertained (plus this sitting at the front of the class really does make sure I am kept alert and focused) when I start noticing a trend, Tammy is sniffling... sniffling a bunch... very gently, but it was definitely there and I was thrilled at the prospect. A sniff sniff here, and a sniff sniff there and my inner fetish sprite is grinning madly inside.

Probably more than 15 minutes go by, and Tammy sneezes a third sneeze "aa'ksh" to her one cupped hand over her nose and mouth like before, slightly bobbing forward, I bless her again, she thanks me again, and then she did 2 marvelous things. One of which was gasp for air like she was about to sneeze again and stay focus for a moment and then sniffle (awww, it got stuck :lol::wacko:), the other was commenting something a long the lines of "I think I'm allergic to something around here... did anyone shower in dust?" :lol: that just cracked me up. Then she went on a bit about how her eyes are all teary and everything is blurry (awww, poor darlin') which led in turn, to the girl sitting in front of us turning around and actually offering her an allergy pill. They continued talking about it, the other girl said she's really allergic to dust too and she feels something as well (but duh, she took the pill so sadly for me, didn't sneeze) but Tammy seemed indecisive about it, she wondered if it'll make her sleepy and what not (she said she's pretty sensitive and doses up from mild stuff too) and then, decided to PASS *insert hurray here*.

Ok, from this point there's no more of Tammy sneezing, but! our professor addressed the whole sneezing thing twice during our lecture, once because there was a bunch of sneezing going on and some of it was more evident than the rest, but it just lead to her saying "and to all who plan on sneezing during this lecture, bless you in advance" (bwahahahah, meanie!).

The other thing was when Tammy and the girl sitting on her other side whispered about something, and then our professor asked (not to put them on the spot, just because it seemed actually like they were pointing at the presentation, which they were) if they have any questions or if it's all clear and we can continue (really, there was nothing mean and bitter "on the spot" about it).

The 2 of them didn't actually seem to notice her asking, even though they were done clarifying things between themselves, but our professor still remained in her "you 2 have a question?" mode. Then after a moment she decided to pass and said "oh well, guess not" and Tammy asked in general the people surrounding her (which included me) "what? she was addressing us?" really naively. To which I said "ahh yeah *nod*" but since we were sitting in the 2nd row and right in front of the professor she commented to anyone willing to listen "ooh, didn't even realize that was meant for me!" and then she just about said to the professor (and the rest of the class that was tuned in, unlike her I guess for the duration of that time :hug: ) "Sorry, I just can't see anything, having an allergic reaction to something here, so while everything is blurry, the hearing works just fine" :lol: so there you have it folks, a wide debate of one girl's allergies, my kind of class!

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Haha I like the obscure gray areas. good for scanning...thats hot.

the obscure grey areas are what separates my world-views, perception and conception from writing "there was a girl, she sneezed" :yuck: so thanks for saying that ^.^

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