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so today during class (math) i was trying to sleep, but my teacher was yapping, so i was finding it hard. Then all of a sudden i hear a wonderful, loud, but quick, stifle. i'm not going to bother to try and spell it, but it was wonderful. and it wz from my wonderfully indulging friend S (i hav a very tiny crush on him, and he haz a very tiny one on me). My best friend J was behind me, and both her and S started cracking up. S grinned at me and he said, "whoo! That was a real one too." usually he just fakes sneezes for me, but sometimes they're real too. So then my friend J was rocking her desk and bumping mine, i was already horny, but the movement of the desk was making me more so, so i grinned a big grin at her and said, "j, plz, stop moving the desk." she just busted out laughing.

then today when me and my aunt had dinner together, we had a hot waiter, who i've never had before as this restaurant, though i've wanted to. he came up to us with a big smile and i smiled back. "how are you today?" he said, giving a little sniffle.

"Fine, and you?" my aunt said.

"could be better." he said, then, "can i get you something..." at this point his voice trailed off and he got that wonderful look. i was dumbstruck, i couldnt take my eyes off him and i could move. "Huh-ISHOO!" then he kind of groaned, and turned back to us when another sneeze took him by surprise. "Hih-ISHOO!" i was in sneeze heaven at this point, and i knew i was getting wet downstairs. He sniffled, "i'm really sorry, gross out." He said with a small chuckle. "Don't worry, i'm not sick, i'm just allergic to something in here."

My aunt looked less than pleased, but i think i was pleased enough for the both of us :bleh:

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S is so cute, and his sneezes sound adorable! How nice that you have a friend like him who can indulge you once in awhile!

And the sneezy waiter was just yummy! :yuck: The whole "I'm not sick, just allergic to something" is just WOW! Thank you so much!

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