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so there's this guy that i've been crushing on, H, he's fricking HOT, nice body, great hair, everything pretty much. so my friend came up to me today in choir and whispered to me, "hey, i saw ur love interest sneeze today" at this point i flipped out, i was like, "OMG OMG OMG! Tell me the details!" so she pulled me off to the side and was like, "well he was skipping class, and he came to my lunch, that's when i saw him sneeze, 3 times." she kinda laughed at this point and said, "it was funny, because his first sneeze, was like kinda manly, and then the last 2 were really girly!" i got really horny and knew i was gonna need to change my underpants when i got home! lol. i told her to keep a look out for anymore, and she promised she would!

then also later at the end of the day in math class, i was standing by J and C (who are some guys who know of my fetish) and C suddenly burts, "i have to sneeze SOOO bad right now, but i'm holding it in." C is the one who NEVER indulges me, all the other guys i've told do however. Then he said, "i can tell its gonna be a big one." he was grinning like no other, but had no pre-sneeze expression on his face. then he coughed a little, and i guess it must have gone away. J and i were encouraging him to sneeze, but no such luck! DARN! then C was like, "one of these days i'll just tape myself sneezing for you or something" i got even wetter then i had already been in hope of this, but i know he won't do it. J said he'd do it too, he probably would if i wanted him too, but C's a lot cuter than J lol.

p.s. sorry if i'm posting too much, if i am just tell me...

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Sometimes, the ones you haven't seen, and only heard about are pretty cool! Then you can still sort of imagine what they are like!

I've also had a couple of male friends offer to tape themselves sneezing, but I'm pretty sure they were only teasing me. I think you really have to beg for something like that, which I can never do! Of course, maybe you should keep on C and ask him where your video is, say, every week until Christas or something? :)

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