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Coffer server (f, obs) had to fit in a sneeze fit despite long line


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I was at a coffee shop yesterday enjoying a 1.60 cup of coffee and reading the paper. I was very interested in the story and pasted to the paper. I was seeing anything going on around me. But all the sudden I hear "teeesscchhh" a slightly feminine sneeze. It was the sneezey coffee server who has sneezed before.

Anyway, she sort of walked away from the coffee area I guess because she was towards the back of the coffee shop instead of near the coffee preparation area. I guess maybe because customers dont like to see sneezes in the beverage preparation area. Anyway, she then did a rapid-fire "tiesschhh" "tieessccchh" "tieesccchh" "teeeccchhh :twisted: ". Each sneeze causing her to bend over even more from the power of her sneezes!!

She sneezed a total of 5 sneezes. Last time she did another sneeze fit she did a total of 4 sneezes this was about a month ago.

She is about 20 years old, 5 foot 3, 115 lbs and very petite. Blonde hair, scandenavian looking

women. With a nose that turns very red after she sneezes. I also noticed that her eyes

were watery after her sneezing fit. :twisted:

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Rare to see such a small Scandinaian woman. But she certainly sounds like a wonderful sneezer! Thanks for sharing.

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Great obs. She can sneeze as much as she wants in my coffee preparation area! :)

Absoloutely!! Blesses to her. :unsure:

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