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Obs male in class


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Ok, not only am I writing a male observation (try to think back to the last time that happened and it didn't involve 23 female sneezing in a batch) I'm also gonna write short! *determined look*

In a very large lecture hall, a few minutes before class, I sit with some friends. At the row before me sits a student, ordinary looking, short shaved hair, he wore jeans and a shirt that wasn't interesting enough to leave any impressions on me... but he did do one thing right, he sneezed. It was kinda cute, he sorta sniffled lightly and I could detect sneeziness in him even though he didn't look like desperately pre-sneezic.

Sort of surprisingly he didn't tilt his head back in expectations like so many people do, in fact, he did quite the opposite, he leaned forward, bending over his knees and then sneezed one detained uncovered "uuu'TSCHhe" that sounded like he was trying to control both the volume of his voice and the way it sounded.

When I noticed that he didn't sit back up, I continued to watch. Still bent down, head lingering between his knees he remained focused, a moment went by, I head a gasp and he let out a louder sneeze that was amusingly slightly more on the girly-side than I'd expect "AhhhTSCHiiii!" again, uncovered, directed at the floor with the chi part being drown out.

One of the girls sitting next to him blessed him, and then he rose back up.

So there you have it, male, and short! what do you think about them apples? :P

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