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Anja sneezing sketch

Teh Ninjin

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You are going to be disappointed, but I haven't posted her actually sneezing. But. If you've ever read that FMA fanfic I wrote, you'd know who Anja is. A character I made up. The sketch isn't that great, and I wish I could do better, but I just randomly sketched that in a hurry. So if you can make it out, her noseis a bit red.

So this is kind of a picture for the story, which I wrote a little while back. She's trying not to sneeze. If she actually did. She'd have a fit. I can draw males and females, and I've been trying to sketch others, but yeah. You can try and ask me for requests, but no guarantees I can get them done (right), or do a very good job. n___n

I'll probably post again on this thread. If you want to draw her go ahead. Here is a picture of her for reference.

Without further adoo, enjoy.



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That's an amazing pic! I'd love to see her complete that sneeze... maybe that little cloth over her waist will fall away *DROOL*

You're amazing at this!

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Guest shiranui

That sketch rocks! It's so beautiful, a perfect expression, and absolutely NOTHING disappointing about it :P

You're so talented, I hope to have the pleasure to see more of your sketches :heart:

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Again, going to older drawings ^^;. I don't like big boobs. That's just my opinion and I know it is different than some other people. That doesn't change the fact that I really like these drawings. Seriously, the shading, the expressions, and the one that is 'beware the cuteness'. That one was my favorite one, but whoever this artist is, you draw pre-sneeze and sneeze faces SO WELL! :D

Sorry if I'm just bringing out an old topic, but thank you for drawing these pics :) (and I like that thing wrapped around her body too ^^. It makes me feel like I can relate to her, because that's exactly what I do when I'm sick: wrap myself around in a nice warm blanket until the fever hits me XD)

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