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Same Difference: Z. and his brother

March Hare

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OK, some of you may have heard of this incredibly sexy one-of-my-best-friends-slash-sort-of-crush whom I call Z. Imagine a tall long-haired broad-chested well-muscled kind-faced light-eyed black-clad young man in a wheelchair... yea, that's my Z. (His real name doesn't begin with Z., but... well, pish! :D)

Aaanyway. As I sort of not half fancy this guy I'm always extra alert on any signs of wrongness on his side... there isn't much of that at any given time, alas. BUT, last time I did actually witness something of the sort, it didn't half startle me...

For this Z., as I overheard a few days ago, HAS EXACTLY THE SAME SNEEZE AS Q. BUT EXACTLY. (You guys remember Q.? :innocent:) Completely the same sound. :twisted: He was sitting next to me at the moment supreme and I didn't get to see any of it, but it was a perfect, perfect example of a dry-ish, offhand, cough-like Q. sneeze "Heh-ECHuh!"

Seriously, I'm beginning to suspect a pattern here. No kidding.

And then there was the matter of Z.'s brother, who was at his party last Saturday. I was there too and talked to this... well, almost identical copy of Z. but with a slightly different face and voice, and of course, not paralysed. Lord, it was simply uncanny. At one point he said something that was SO EXACTLY the same way as Z. would have put it that I couldn't help exclaiming "What the NO, you're Z.!" which made hin and his girlfriend laugh quite a bit. Oh well, la di da!

Something else I couldn't help was being more than a little attracted to this guy, simply because he was so much like his older brother. Oh yea, and because of that VERY HOT sneeze I had the luck to witness from him just about when I was getting ready to leave. I stood quite near where he was sitting and had a full view of him when all of a sudden he clapped both hands over his mouth and expelled a full-blown, wet, coldish-sounding sneeze something like "HRRUFFSHHH!" :twisted: Shit.

Mmmmm. Gorgeous men who sneeze in the same way as other gorgeous men with gorgeous younger brothers who have gorgeous sneezes. Talk about gorging, dammit. XD

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Wonderful to compare sneezing inheritance in families. And your brothers certainly seem to have inherited the same sneeze. In fact, I have found it is more often not the case: brothers (and sisters) often have very different sneezes, though there is often some sort of family ressemblance somewhere.

And your two guys sneezing the same way as Q. Have to trust you on the quality of the sneeze: coughlike sneezes don't do much to me!

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I didn't half enjoy your lovely obs , Sannetje. Oh, the details!

People say that my brother doesn't half talk like me on the phone; they can't tell us apart; but of course I can't see it,or hear it, and as for whether we sneeze similarly, qui sait?

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Whoa, just HOT! I mean, I have nothing else to say except, THANK YOU for such wonderful observations of gorgeous, sneezy guys! :)

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