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Welcome to the artwork forum, which should be where forum members can post their drawings, comics, paintings, etc. of people sneezing. Here are a few things you should be aware of before posting in here:

1. This board should mainly be used for posting images, cartoons, comics, etc. that you have created; however, if you see something on a site such as DeviantArt, etc. that you think people here would really like, you may link to that image provided that you explicitely state that you did not create that image and that proper credit is given to the person who did. Plagerism, however, will not be tolerated. Also, don't link directly to the image file itself as that is hotlinking; instead, link to the webpage that that image is being displayed on, please. :D

2. As mentioned in Term#1, hotlinking will result in warnings being issued, so if you wish to post an image that you created, please either use the forum attachment feature, or you may use a free image hosting service such as Photobucket.com. If you own your own webspace somewhere, you may use that since its not really stealing bandwidth if its your own.

3. Preferred image formats are JPG, GIF, and PNG, so if possible, try to convert your images to one of those three formats.

4. Please be sure to specify gender and any other relevant information in the thread title to help users determine whether or not they think the picture will do anything for them.

5. If you're drawing a licensed character that you don't own the rights to and did not create, please make sure to specify who the character is, what show, comic series, movie, etc. that they are from.

6. This board is for artwork only, not for posting photos from webshots or other photo sites of that nature.

7. Since this isn't the Snake Pit, remember to be nice when commenting on other people's artwork.

8. Artwork with graphic depictions of sex, nudity, etc. should be posted in the Adult board.

That's about all I can think of right now; more terms will be added as needed. :laugh:

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