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Male obs in class that had some echoes


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Despite how sneeze-girl-oriented I am (and girl-oriented in general) this one really made me go sorta "awww" and "purrrrrr" at the same time :laugh: this time I'll mark what's less critical to the obs and more my personal ramble in dark blue, but there won't be a lot of that anyway, really, this is written with prompt ambitions in mind again.

So, the general setting - late noon. The class - Anti-Zionism and Post-Zionism in Jewish cognition, I know, it SOUNDS like a potential snooze-fest, but it is a fabulous class for someone like me, hurray philosophy! honest, I just have so much fun in that class ^.^.

There's this guy in the class (actually quite a few of them come to think of it...) that I've sort of noticed and marked during previous classes, marked as what you ask? (shut up and pretend you asked) actually, as someone who can potentially annoy the crap out of me very quickly simply by challenging EVERYTHING our professor says, including things like the date... or that the earth is round should that ever come up... he's actually one of the less annoying twats in class that do that, but the point is, that he abuses the fine line of having an opinion and exorcising analytical thinking and passing criticism and between questioning everything on the very shaky foundations of not agreeing with the general themes discussed in class... what's the relevance here to the obs? there is no relevance... right... *chants to herself: short shot short*.

So this guy, he could actually look pretty cute if he would get a hair-cut... I can't believe I'm saying this because I don't normally make plans to improve the appearance of other people (I stick to deciding rather I like it or not) but really, he has some nice traits and his over-grown hair with bizarre tendencies to go upwards actually, sort of mangle that up for him (dude, you have a bit of a good thing going, support it!) anyway it's all out of the question, so I'll stick to saying that he is mildly cute but can be way cuter easily. plus I am so shallow that I can't take someone who interrupt the class every so often based on his own narrow views every so often (and by narrow I'm not judging if he's right or wrong, just the fact he seemingly fails to understand we can discuss someone ELSE's opinion). He's got green eyes, a big pile of dark brown hair on his head that makes me think of carrot top (the actual vegetable more than the comedian... if you can call that comedy :bleh: *ducks for cover from carrot top fans). Overall, a bit of a rugged look, something about the structure of his face reminds me of classic super-heros in comic books a little... ANYWHO... moving on...

It's a class, there's a guy (so nicely summed up... why couldn't I start with that?). I'm sitting listening to the lecture, writing notes, admiring the professor (he truly is terrific) and all of a sudden "HAATSHAAAAAAA!" I think you needed to be in space not to hear that, majorly LOUD sneeze, so I'm like :drool: who the snap was that? cause I could hear it came from my left but sitting in the front row makes it kinda hard to spot these things :) anyway I stayed happy with the depth of the sneeze and how coherent it was (2$ to the first person to quote me an observation that used coherent to describe a sneeze before this one). It just resonated so well, to compare, this was "radio quality" sneeze, clear, potent, by the book.

I was really doing fine with the general knowledge it was one of the guys to my left somewhere, but less than a minute later (this time I was quick enough to see who it really was) the guy sneezed a double, not as loud, but very nice and still noticeable enough "HAetCHA.. HAeetCHOO" covered by both hands, right after the second sneeze he went sort of "ugh... what gives" and looked all fumbly and confused by his own sneezieness which was kinda adorable, but the audio of it really... I was all purring... damnit >.< it rocked :winkkiss: he managed with that double by the way to just about capture the attention of half the class and he got an echoing wave of bless yous and gesundheits :) way cute... I love group-blessings... dunno why ^.^

The end.

you know, I never know how to end these observations, what am I supposed to do? write some sort of conclusion? wish you all a nice day? hugs and kisses? over and out? live long and prosper? or maybe just STOP writing? but isn't that a little weird? having things end sort of abruptly? *Shrug* indecisiveness. ciao...

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