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'Nother Work Ob. (M)


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While waiting for a customer to write a check, I caught sight of a tall, slender male customer having a fit of three sneezes. The first one was what made me look up and take notice, it sounded like "huh-shiiisssshhhhoooo!" It was so perfect-sounding that it's really not spellable. The second sneeze I saw in full. As he turned his body away from the person he was with and sneezed another "huh-shhhhhiiissshhooo!" This sneeze also released a spray...that reminded me of what air freshener looks like when it's sprayed...just a light mist. The third sneeze I didn't get to see much of because he turned around again and sneezed as he was walking away. Anyway, it was fantastic!

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Thank you for sharing the obs with us, Susie. *smiles* You're so lucky to get to see something like that. *sighs* I haven't had a good obs in a long time. :shock:


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