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It's fate!


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Ok, so I have had a crush for aaaaages, and now apparently some guy decides that he has a MEGA crush on me! I'm loving the attention lol.

Yes, so, I met him on Saturday, and we got on pretty well, and exchanged phone numbers and hell, I could tell he liked me, it was sweet, so we arranged to meet at the next rehearsal I had (monday) when I come over to his school. So I get there and find out that not only has he come into school just to see me (he hadn't been in all day) but that he wants to watch the rehearsal. Which is rather funny, and very unusual for me, but all good :winkkiss:

Anyway, I get a text off him today about when we're next meeting (he's coming to my HOUSE on sunday, where he'll meet my parents oh god no), and my phone just shows some random words from the text in its preview bar, and i just glance at it, and what are those words? ...If you sneeze *cue major heart attack*

It turned out to be some random stuff about if you sneeze and fart at the same time, and not in fact him feeling the need to tell me something wonderfully hot e.g. I've got a really bad cold and can't stop sneezing *dreams of sunday's meeting*. But still! How weird. It must be fate. :drool:

Sorry for such a strange and pointless post.

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