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Dramatic sneezes (m)


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I have these training courses I have to take, more a refresher time deal. Anyway, I was sitting

in this class today bored. While, I was in sitting in the classroom where the training class was to be conducted

when all the sudden a guy walks in with a red nose. I didnt know what was going on whether he had a cold but his nose seemed very red for him not to have a cold :D . He was about 20, 6 foot, 170 lbs with blonde hair and a very big nose a great nose that really shows out when it has a cold!!

About 30 minutes into this boring training session despite hearing no sniff's this guy lets out loud "haaaappffff" he sneezed into a cusped hands sort of situation :yes: I saw him walk over to a desk looking for a tissue box with his hands over his nose and mouth, but to no avail :laugh: I thought it was funny when he was looking around for tissues when he finally stepped from the area and found a kleenex box on a secrateries desk :blushing: . I heard some nose blowing because luckily their wasnt a door in the traning area.

He stepped back into the room and sniffled a few more times and that was that

As the day wore on and after Lunch in this same training class I noticed his nose was getting more and more red as the day wore on and he started sniffling. He started really sniffling a few minutes after he initially sniffled :laugh: . I was pretty much certain at that time a sneeze was about to come and little less in a minute later I hear a dramatic stifle "hkaaaaa" sort of sound his nose was even runnier and sniffler then the last one after that sneeze. He sniffled intensely for about 5 minutes followed by a break and then about 15 minutes later the sniffling began again. He sniffled more intensely as the traning session came to a close. As we were all about to leave while I was looking in the other direction I hear another one of his "hhhkkaaa" stiffled sort of sounds, I said "gesundheit" and he muffled out a thank you.

All and all a very boring training course, but I was glad somebody was there to provide sneezey entertainment to get through the day.

Sorry about the worse writing then usual, its usually bad anyway. For some reason since these sneezes happened just hours ago I am still unable to write this without my fingers trimbling from thinking about it.

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I forgot to add this. When he was sneezing for the 2nd and 3rd times of the course. I could hear his nostrils expand and then he pinched his nose shut.

It was basiscally sounding like as his nostrils (he had a very big nose) were expanding he pinched them and it created a very unusual stiffle-type 2nd and 3rd sneeze.

Anyway, sorry for not adding that on the first observation but this observation was very good and as far as his sneezes I think they were some of the best ive heard in years as far as quality goes, the quanity was three singles so obviously it wasnt quanity in this case.

Sorry, for writing so sloppily on the first observation sometimes it is best in some cases not write observation just after hearing them. Sometimes the mind goes to over-drive after hearing some nice sneezes after a drought of sneezes.

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