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I was a on plane to Thailand recently. Now I've read of planes being good places for obs but this time round, there was hardly any sneezing. Till just before landing, that is. This couple was originally sitting in front of me but, drats, they chose to change to window seats as there was space available. I had already noticed that the woman (late 20s, early 30s) was really attractive (heh, heh!).

The cabin air was getting really dry just before landing and I suddenly heard a quick double from the woman. I soon realised that she was a multiple, rapid fire sneezer with a variety of sneezing styles. It was great to watch her sneezing as her body moved forward and back with each sneeze. Most of her sneezes were of the pinched nose, silent type while others were of the nasal type where the mouth does not open at all (quite typical of many Asian women, I find). I got a great thrill watching her succumb to her sneezing fit. You know, being totally helpless as the sneezes take hold of you. In all, she must have sneezed about 15 times. Alas, 'cos it was rapid fire sneezing, the fit ended as quickly as it started. I only wish she had started sneezing earlier!

On the way back from Thailand, I heard more sneezing (not sure if M of F) but nothing as dramatic as the pretty woman above. Well, at least my plane ride was worth it!

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