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I have some more Anja.

Teh Ninjin

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I love to draw her. -strokes her sketches- but yes. If you didn't see the others, click Here to see them. There are like four there.


you can just click the links below.

About to sneeze

Anja sneezing

Anja with a cold

About to sneeze again

One again, here is a colored reference pic if you wish to draw her. xD KawaiiKitty is a fantastic artist, and i only hope I can get as popular as her, or Chate. But... I'm pretty sure this'll help.

And thank you Hippo, for the shoutout! I'll look into more Ryuuke stuff <3

I know, I know. You want the pics. (and in one of them, Anja is nude except for the gloves. For a sexy touch. xD but the nudity is covered up)




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WOW. These are REALLY good! I think she's a million shades of adorable! :drool: The last was just SO cute and made me giggle. XD You really did an excellent job, sweetie. :P

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Those are gorgeous. And I'm not just saying that 'cause you said something nice about me. :blushing: I really adore your style, how you can get so much texture and variation from using a pencil.

My favourite is the one with one with the thermometer in her mouth. Adorable. Just adorable.

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Thanks for the love! I am loved. >D Ryuuke needs more love. .___. I should draw him.

and Kisa, I'm glad you think she's adorable. <3 that makes me feel extra special.

Ah. about the link situation..I'll fix that. my photo bucket is being a bitch again. >>

- And Kitty-chan. You rock. Can I just say that? -nuzzle-

Love juu all!

I fixed the link <3

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ooo ma gawd, that last one is perfection!! :blushing:

is it just me or are they getting better every time :rolleyes:

and thankyou for the thankyou for the shoutout! :laugh:

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My favorite critic (aside from Kisa). Hey Hippo-chaaan~

I'm glad you like it. <3 Anja is pleased. With her plan to take over with the power of head colds and breasts. I just can't get over that sweet siggy shoutout. So I gave you another. <3

I should draw something for you. But I wouldn't know what. I'm not the most versatile, like Kitty-chan.

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Hotness to the 10th power! Wow, we're getting so much awesome artwork lately! Is it because of the new board, I wonder, or just a coincidence?

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No idea, but personally, I think its because of the new thread. More incentive to fill it with good stuff -cracks knuckles- I'll go and sketch some more stuff.

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Now those pictures will haunt my dreams tonight! You're one of the best artists on this board! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!


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