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Some obs for you :) (m/f)

Guest xoxcutiepiexox

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Guest xoxcutiepiexox

:blushing: Alright, Here we go! lol

Female Ob

My best friend works at a gym and coordinates a weight loss program and right now she's doing gymnastics with the people in the program to strengthen their muscles. she knows her stuff Today, I didn't have class so I decided to go to the gym, and it was a day she was working so she invited me to stay and watch if I didn't have anything else to do. Needless to say I didn't She started giving them an introduction and someone proposed her showing them what things she can do, so of course she said she would, because she's really into getting them inspired and wanting to try the things. So, she got into position to show them a basic cartwheel when suddenly it was obvious she was going to sneeze right in the middle of bringing her leg infront of her lead leg to finish it. She took a small hitched breath and let out a small Hitchew and tumbled over. Everyone laughed seeing as she didn't hurt herself and she laughed too. :rolleyes:

i've posted obs from her a few times before, her looks: blonde, petite, blue eyes, pouty lips and small nose with a rounded tip

Male Ob

I was sitting with my roomies in the living room watching a movie, when my female roomie's dog came in and of course since she's crazy about him she gave him a giant hug which sent some of his fur into the air. I have a male and female roomie, she loves her dog more than anything and my male roomate is allergic but he puts up with it because he knows me much the dog means to her, sweet guy, huh? :laugh:

So right away, he goes into a fit, first the hitching breaths then the sniffling and gasping and finally the sneezing, they came really fast and wet sounding HuhEsssch Atleast, seven in a row, until he excused himself to go blow his nose, but before he did that he pushed my female roomate playfully and laughed

He's tall, with dark hair that he gells kind of into a mohawk but not shaved? if that makes sense, he has green eyes and a really straight pointed nose.

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Lovely female obs. The male I didn't bother with. Speaking of which, I appreciate having them so clearly labelled.

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I love it when guys put up with something they are allergic to, just because they know someone else enjoys it so much! Wonderful ob! Thank you! I wish I had a roomie like him, that was allergic to my cats!

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