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allergies gone wild


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today, has been crazy. it was in the 70s today. perfect for allergies to come. but where from? i stil dont know. anyways.. this morning i had woke up with a super tickly nose. the minute i got out of bed.. i could feel it turn into a sneeze. i stood there with my eyes closed.. jaw slightly relaxed .. took in a deep breath *etshchew*. it was good to get it out... but my eyes were itching and burning.. and the tickle was still there. i walked another 25 feet out my room.. and sneeze another wet sneeze again. i sniffled in deeply and went downstairs to get a drink.

about an hour later.. i decided to try and help clean the house. i was excited to get to do something helpful around the house with little pain. ^_^ i started to sweep the wooden floors with the swiffer thingy.. and of course my puppy just LOVES that thing. so not only was dust and stuff flying around but so was dog dander and fur. i swept for about 30 seconds and had to sneeze. i held a presneeze face for about 9 seconds before acutally letting out a nice wet *etshchew* (which i heard splat on the floor.. so i had to clean that up. lol) it got worse.. as i was cleaning my previous mess from 30 seconds ago.. i had to sneeze again. i sneezed once... then the tickle was still intense and another one came out. after that sneeze i got up from cleaning my mess cuz i was kist making it worse.. and sneezed again. i ran into the kitchen looking for something to blow my nose with. i looked at the paper towel roll and hesitated to use it because its so rough.. but i felt the tickle coming back so i grabbed a sheet from the roll quickly and sneezed into it just in time. then i blew my nose and the tickle subided for about an hour.

needless to say this went on all day. i havent posted obs in awhile so i hope u liked...

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