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A quick, but worthy customer obs-M


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I worked all day on Saturday, and close to the end of my shift I got a really nice observation I wanted to share. I was working in the department that's accross from hardware,a nd next to lumber. And recently, they took out a wall that kind of separated hardware from my department. Now I am able to see all of hardware. It used to drive me nuts when I'd hear a really good sneeze from behind the wall, and couldn't see it. Well, that's all changed now!

So, late in the afternoon, I saw this man, his wife, and their two kids walk over into hardware. They stood not too far from me, right at the end of the aisle. They looked like the All-American family to me. He was bout 5'9", with light brown, really short hair, and a trimmed moustache and goatee. His wife was really pretty, and their two small children were adorable and well-behaved. He was wearing this red shirt that was tight in all the right places. He wasn't really huge or anything, but for having a slight build, he sure filled out that t-shirt really nice. So, of course, being the boy-crazy kind of girl that I am :laugh: , I stared at him. Well, he was talking about something, and pointing to it, when his face went slack. This peaked my interest, and I watched him as closely as I could without walking over to them. It seemed to happen in slow motion, which was great! His eyes shut, and his his mouth opened just as he took the hand he was using to point to stuff and curled it into a fist. Then he barely even moved his head, just a quick little thrust forward with a soft, but masculine, "Etcchhhuuuu!" He stood there, fist still in front of his nose for a couple of seconds. Then he lowered his fist, sniffled and shook his head a little. ***MELT*** :P It was a beautiful sight, but neither his wife nor his kids said a word. I cursed myself for not being a bit closer, or else I would've definitely blessed him! It was one of the most gorgeous sneezes I've seen lately!

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