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Coffee shop server (f obs, she's sneezin again)


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I was at a coffee shop reading a magainze when all the sudden I hear "ITTTSSHH" "ITTTSCCHH" "ITTTCHHH" three rapid-fire sneezes.

I looked around and it was the sneezey coffee server ive written about twice before this. :P . This

time it was a triple, last week it was five times and prior to that a month ago it was four times in a row.

After these sneezes though somebody said something about her sneezes after she sneezed her three times

an older gentlemen waiting for a pastry said "bless you" and she said "thanks" to him.

This is the coffee server who id say is 20, 5 foot 3 and 115-120 lbs or so with

blonde hair and scandenavian looking and a long ski-slope nose that turns

red after she sneezes.

Another thing ive noticed is she always runs to the part of the coffee shop area

where she is farthest from the food and coffee and expresso machines,

I know the time last week she had to do her 5 sneezes she barely made it away

from the expresso preparation area before the first sneeze came.

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