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first obs, hope it's okay! =/


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hey everyone, this is my first obs that I'm posting (been a floater here for a while =P) so I hope it's bearable.

anyway, there are two girls who sneeze at least 3 times in every single english class we have. the first one, I'll call T, sits directly in front of me and today was just...I mean...oh wow...so she turns around, yeah? and she opens her mouth to ask me something when she suddenly gets (you know it!) *the look*.

I'm frozen. T gasps and sneezes a triple all over my desk *obnoxious thumbs up*. her sneezes sound like desperate girly coughs "hah...hah...haKOO!...ha-haKOO...ha-ha-ha...HAKOO!!" some scattered "bless you"'s blah blah blah etc etc etc, and she never did get to ask me her question because the teacher began talking about Oprah (no idea why).

the other girl, S, has long brown hair and a very angular face, almost elf-like. but anyway, she sits all the way across the world from me in this class, but for some ODD reason, she sat to my left today*YES YES YES* we were writing and suddenly she pitched forward, both hands in front of her, but not even covering, so I could see ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING *body hits ground* she's got very quiet, cute sneezes, and she had the most adorable little fit. "i-i-ishoo! ishoo! ishoo! hi-hishoo! HISHOO! SHOO!" her eyes were squeezed shut throughout this entire fit and her teeth were pressed together in a small grimace, her sneezes spraying onto her hands.

well, *dives into stuffed animal pile* hope that wasn't too horrible =/ but i will say after all this I was quite frustrated...quite...frustrated...arg =P

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Hi there, welcome to the forum! :)

Thanks for sharing your observation and don't worry, it was great! :D

Can I ask... what did T do after she sneezed all over your desk? I'm totally curious, because I hardly ever see stuff like that happen... and I can't help being so intrigued! It's one of those "and THEN what??" moments! :laugh:

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That was a great first ob, thanks a lot. :D

Your writing style is lovely, keep the obs coming, and don't get too frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Bo th very excellent and well described; turning round and sneezing all over your desk; fabulous; and a little uncovered fit as well.

Welcome to the forum!

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Fab fab fab ^.^ there were girls, there was sneezing, what more can you ask for? :drool: oh man... terrificness <3 meow! I suggest you don't leave it up to chance and you locate yourself around them, know what I mean? (who me? sit next to people in class just because they are sneezy? shallow? naaaaah!)

Anyway, cheers on your first obs, I liked it muchness :D

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:D thanks for a) the welcome :D the compliments c) approval?? I don't even know lol, but thanks everyone!

oh yeah!!! Aisha!!!!! :drool: hehehe so after T did a brilliant job of sneezing all over everything I own (no complaints, all I'm sayin) she refused to look at me and I think (maybe?) she was going to apologize, because she opened her mouth after 40 million people blessed her, but our teacher burst into this huge rant about Oprah :drool:

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That was AWESOME! :blink: I love it when include their own reactions to a sneeze....it SO makes me giggle like a huge pile of stupid.

Thanks and welcome!


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You told the story wonderfully. Felt like I was right there with you. You definitely had the best seat in the house.

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