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Let's just make that 14, ok? Male obs


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Yeah, so, I worked with my tall, dark, and handsome buddy Bill last night. He was in rare form, being very funny, and he'd bought a spotlight that straps on to your head and was wearing it! He kept flashing me in the eyes with it and making me laugh! Well, at one point during the evening, Bill was two aisles over from me, flat stacking some lumber. Right after I heard a bunch of boards clack together, I got to hear the most beautiful sound. Perhaps those boards were loaded with sawdust, I'm not sure. Sneeze #13 sounded kind of soft, but loud enough so I could hear it. There was a small pause, and then sneeze #14 followed a little stronger. It kind of sounded like this, "Esshhhhooooo!" (PAUSE) "HEH-SHHUUHHH!"

Again, I was two aisles away from him, and couldn't bless him. I almost called him, like I did with Eric, but refrained. A normal person probably wouldn't have caught on to who was sneezing, and so I didn't want to prove that I had such strong sneeze senses. :D I just got to enjoy them, and can't wait to work with him again tonight!

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so I didn't want to prove that I had such strong sneeze senses. :drool:

Hehe secret agent Sneesee on the job... (that T-shirt of yours is the perfect disguise bwahahahah). Sneeze-senses, it's like Spiderman's Spider-senses... it... tingles! and you gotta play it cool *shifty dodgy look* "what was that? I didn't hear anything? what is this sneeze you speak of?" :D *whistles innocently* "nothing out of the ordinary here! move it along! no I did not take notes..."

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